Alert: Whatsapp group, appear in Google search, anyone can join without permission!

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WhatsApp groups (WhatsApp groups) are once again appearing on Google search. The result of this is that any user can search and join a private WhatsApp group on Google. Earlier in 2019, such an incident came to light and the company fixed it when it went public. But this matter has once again come up in 2021. Due to this problem, people’s phone numbers and profile pictures can be revealed through Google search.

By indexing group chat invites, WhatsApp is providing information about several private groups on the web. Through search in Whatsapp Can find and join a group. Although we are not sharing exact details about it, but Gadgets 360 has verified it by itself, where many WhatsApp groups can be seen on Google search. Users who find these links of WhatsApp group on the web can not only join the group, but can also access the phone numbers and posts of other users in the group.

Update: WhatsApp said in its reply that, “Since March 2020, WhatsApp has included all the deep link pages in the ‘noindex’ tag, which Google Will exclude them from indexing. “Gadgets 360 was able to confirm that search results no longer appear on Google. Although WhatsApp did not mention the fix in its statement. Rajshekhar Rajaharia who raised this indexing issue Tha said on the matter, “Adding the tag ‘noindex’ is not the appropriate solution, because after a few months the link surface appears in the search results. Big tech companies like WhatsApp need to find appropriate solutions to protect the privacy of users.


Cybersecurity researcher Rajshekhar Rajaharia had informed Gadgets 360 about the indexing of WhatsApp group chat invites on Google. Now this indexing has started once again. By the time the news was written, 1500 Group Invite links were visible in the search results. Some links indexed by Google are related to porn on WhatsApp groups. At the same time, some other links are from specific communities or interests. Gadgets 360 also found message sharing groups for Bangla and Marathi users. One can easily join these groups through these links.

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