Cleaning up privacy dispute on Whatsapp, users’ chats completely safe, Facebook does not even have this right

WhatsApp (WhatsApp) on Tuesday released a clarification regarding its privacy policy update. Facebook’s parent messaging service WhatsApp has said in its statement that the recent changes in its policy will not affect the privacy of your messages with friends or family members. WhatsApp has released a tweet on its official Twitter handle on questions arising among users regarding privacy.

WhatsApp (Whatsapp) Has given its second clarification on the privacy dispute and policy on Tuesday. The company has said that the update it has made in its policy will not affect the privacy of your message made with friends or family members. WhatsApp has said that there are many wrong rumors about the privacy of users on its platform in the market, which is not true at all. The company said that it refutes all these rumors and will continue to keep private messages of users secure through end to end encryption.

WhatsApp (WhatsApp) has said that no one can read your private message nor can anyone listen to your call. Apart from this, the company has also emphasized that its parent company Facebook Also WhatsApp users cannot read and listen to messages and calls. WhatsApp has issued this statement at a time when users have taken it on their target regarding the privacy policy update of the company. The company’s privacy policy update will be applicable to all users from February 8.

WhatsApp said in the tweet, “We want to dispel those rumors and make it 100 percent clear that we will continue to protect your private messages with end-to-end encryption. Updates to the privacy policy will help your friends or family. There will be no impact on communication made with “. Before this, let us tell you that there has been a lot of controversy about the privacy policy of WhatsApp for some time. Recently, after searching on Google, WhatsApp private groups are once again appearing. Through this, anyone can search on Google and find private groups of WhatsApp and join them.

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