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Google Photos New Features: Google Photos is now giving users the feature to double tap or pinch the video to zoom in or out. The feature is added directly to the server without any updates. Users say that the app version of Google Photos is the same as before, but now this feature seems active in the app. However, we found that this feature was activated only after the update of Google Photos to the latest version 5.28.0 on Android. On double tapping, the video gets scratched on the screen. Pinch-in or out feature can be used for zoom in or out.

A new feature has come on Google Photos, through which you can zoom-in or zoom-out any video by double tap or pinch-in or out. For us this feature worked on the latest version of the app on Android 5.28.0. Many users say that it has been released from the server side. If you also want to check whether this feature is working for you, then open any video on your Google Photos and pinch-in or out and double-tap and check the feature. If this does not work for you, try updating the app to the latest version. Many users also added this feature to the app on Reddit. Information Has given

Because this feature seems to be a server-side update, it is possible that Google is rolling it out in small batches. It is not currently available on iOS, but we would advise you to update the app to its latest version.

The Cinematic Photo feature was also introduced in the app through a recent update, which gives your photo a 3D-like effect. For this, Google uses machine learning, which checks the depth of the picture and gives 3D-like effects. Apart from this, the Map Timeline feature has also been added, which shows your entire trip in the map according to the location, time and date of the photos.

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