Classification of computer networks

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What are LAN, MAN, and WAN in Classification of the computer networks?

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What are the devices?

That is involved in the land MAN and MAN.

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What are the new trends in computer networks?

Classification of computer networks

 Classification of computer networks: computer networks are classified:

  1. Local area network(LAN)
  2. Metropolitan area network (MAN)
  3. Wide area network (WAN)

We will see:

Local area networks

Local means it is restricted to one limited area that is a small network.

It is said to be a local area network is a computer network.

That interconnects computers within a limited area say a small network.

There in our residence or a school lab,

University campus or office is said to be a local area network.

An example of a Local area network:

Classification of computer networks LAN

Let there are a hundred computers in a network.

And this is a school network each of these computers is connected to each other with the help of a switch.

And we can call this computer network as a local area network.

Why because all these computers can communicate with each other internally.

We can set a plan in two ways:

  1. A wired LAN (Ex: Ethernet)
  2. Wireless LAN (Ex: Wifi)

We have cables:

Wired Local area network

So the example technology for a wired LAN is Ethernet.

Ethernet is used to connect two or more nodes, in this case,

It connects this node to the switch.

It connects this computer to the switch with the help of an Ethernet cable.

To be precise this is an Ethernet straight-through cable

Because Ethernet straight-through cable connects devices of different switches and computers are different devices

Therefore, we need to use an Ethernet straight-through cable.

In case if we want to connect this computer with E this computer directly.

Then we have to go for Ethernet crossover cable whatever.

It is Ethernet is the well known and the most popular technology in wired LAN and the devices

That is used in the wired LAN is the hub and switch.

Now you just understand hub or switch can be an intermediary device in a local area network.

And that does in a wired local area network.

We can also have a local area network.


For example Wi-Fi

Now we will see:

Metropolitan area network (MAN)

The Metropolitan area network is a computer network.

That interconnects uses or computers in a geographic region.

See there are two branches in a CTE and it somehow connects these two branches with each other.

So this kind of network called a metropolitan area network.

There are two local area networks:

It connects these two local area networks to each other in a city.

It involves the device in this metropolitan area network.

  • Switch/hubs
  • Routers/bridges

Switch hubs for establishing a local area network.

And to connect to local area networks.

We need routers or bridges, as I already mentioned there is a minimum of two local area networks.

It connects these two local area networks with each other.

With the help of a router or a bridge.

An example:Classification of computer networks MAN

Now there are four local area networks connected to each other.

Let’s say this is a supermarket and this supermarket has four branches of computers in one supermarket will be in one local area network.

Similarly, other branches also have a separate local area network.

And these supermarket branches must somehow communicate with each other.

Example of Metropolitan area network:

If someone is asking for a product which is not there in this branch.

The employs of this branch want to search.

Whether the product is available in other branches.

This is possible only if all local area networks of the supermarket are connected.

And this is exactly a metropolitan area network.

Please remember this is restricted to only a small geographic region.

Like a city please note in every length there are some computers.

Classification of computer networks based on geographical area

Metropolitan area network Example

And these computers can communicate with other computers in another local area network.

This is possible?

Only if these computers are somehow connected with each other time.

Wide area network

A Wide area network (WAN) is a telecommunications network.

That extends over a large geographical area.

It means it is a telecommunications network.

But it deals with a larger geographical area.

First, we will see,

What is a telecommunications network with any communications at a distance?

We call it a telecommunication network.

So here the communication is going to be within a large geographical area in Man.

Two or more lands within a city can communicate with each other.

In WAN two or more lands within a country can communicate with each other.

And the devices in WAN are or in devices and intermediary devices.

Because an ending may want to communicate with an end device.

Which is in the other part of the country.

And some authors will refer to this wide area network to be the Internet.

Example of Wide area network:

Classification of computer networks WAN

Now and there are two local area networks one local area network is in New Delhi.

And another local area network is in Chennai and these two local area networks are in two different places in the country.

They are separated by a very large geographical area.

But still, this computer can communicate with each computer and this is possible only with the help of a wide area network.

A wide area network means communication at a large distance.

If it is a MAN this is possible only within a city.

But this is a wide area network.

Hence the communication at the distance is still possible.

So far we have seen a local area network, metropolitan area network.

And a wide area network.

Now we will see

The Internet



I will say this is a wild.

Wide area network (WAN)

Why because there are so many local area networks.

It connects so many metropolitan area networks and Many wide area networks across the world to each other.

For example:

Let us assume, there is a guy in India who wants to send some data to a guy.

Who is in Australia between India and Australia.

There are many routers involved in taking data from India to Australia.

Similarly to every country in the world.

Somehow connected with other countries.

Through computer networks, we don’t know whether the two countries have a friendly relationship.

But definitely they will have a computer network relationship and that’s the power of a computer network.

Guys before we conclude we will see,

New trends in computer networks

Nowadays many employees are encouraged by their employers to bring their own devices.

And to the office Network and we shall call such scenario as a bring-your-own-device.

It means employees can bring their own devices and connect them to their office network.

And still, work with office network coming to the online collaboration.

In the past, if we schedule a meeting, everyone has to assemble in the meeting spot.

Now the trend has completely changed; they can take part in wherever.

They are and they can still do an online collaboration with others with the help of a computer network.

For example:

A meeting involves participants in New Delhi, Chennai, America, Australia.

But still, no one to be there in a particular location.

They can be wherever they are but still,

They can do an online collaboration.

Storage Area Network (SAN)

Cloud computing


Cloud computing is a new trend.

That we would like to address cloud computing.

It is the on-demand availability of computer resources.

Let’s take an example Google Drive one can store all files and folders in Google Drive.

That gives a lot of flexibility if one wants to access files from any part of the world.

He can access by just giving a request to Google Drive and download the data.

What if he had stored the data in his personal computer he needs to carry the computer.

Wherever he goes if he wants the data with him but cloud computing.

His Google Drive offers this on-demand availability cloud computing.

The on-demand availability of computer resources especially data storage.

And this computing we need not directly involve in the management.

We can just store the data somewhere in a secure manner.

And get the data whenever we wanted.

That’s the power of cloud computing that’s it, guys.

In the initial part of the Article.

Now we will ensure whether we have learned all these things.

I hope now you have learned the classification of computer networks.

  1. Local area network
  2. Metropolitan area network
  3. And wide area network

And there are some new trends that are there in the computer networking field

Also, read: Basic characteristics of computer networks

We have also seen those trends thank you for reading.


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