Hello, I welcome you all to this wonderful course on computer networks in these articles through I am here to take you throughout this journey on computer networks.

Before we start let’s figure out to whom this course is actually intended for this course is mainly for the undergraduate students and this course is useful for the students.

Who are preparing for their gate exams and not only gate exams this course will surely help the students to crack networking.

And if you want to demystify all the networking technologies and jargon used in the networking field.

This course will surely fulfill your expectation in a nutshell this course will surely quench the thirst of computer networks.

Scope with this courseĀ 

  • Networking is everywhere.
  • The way we learn.
  • The network supports the way we communicate.
  • The way we work.
  • Network supports and the way we play.

I shall explain to you how the Network supports the way

We learn I am a B.Tech Student and I am teaching in one part of the world.

And the learners are in different parts of the world learning are happening very seamlessly.

And that’s the power of networking and network support the way we communicate think of traditional landline phone communication.

Used to send only her voice data but now the communication pattern has entirely changed think of an example mobile application.

WhatsApp we are able to send text images animations video audios and even voice calls and video calls which are real-time communication.

Able to do all this communication seamlessly and perfectly with the help of computer networks.

Is not the computer network awesome guys Network supports the very work,

Yes, one can work from home by accessing the files and software actually available in the company and network supports.

The way we played to talking about the pedagogy we need to understand the theoretical background of all the concepts.

And learning tools the Cisco packet tracer is used in talking about the syllabi in the first face of computer networking.

The fundamentals are dealt elaborately actually computer networks follow slaying to send data from one computer to another.

Definition of Computer Networks

If the scenario is given we’ll start with the definition of a computer network is a set of nodes connected by communication links.

I repeat a computer network is a set of nodes connected by communication links to understand this definition.

I shall highlight the important words they are the keywords of this definition.

The keywords are nodes and communication links firstly we’ll concentrate on nodes a node can be a computer printer or any other device.

Capable of sending or receiving data say you have a device.

If the device can send data or receive data or both send and receive data.

Then we can call that devices and node so a node can be a computer printer or any device.

But the important point to note here is that the device should be capable enough in sending or receiving the data.

We shall see some examples for nodes obviously a computer is a node because a computer can send data.

As well as receive data a server printer security camera and many devices like switches bridges and routers are also called nodes.

We will be dealing with switches bridges and routers in the upcoming articles.

Now we are done with nodes we’ll concentrate.

what are communication links.

The communication link can be a wired link wireless link the important point to note about the link.

Wired and Wireless link

This link only carries the information.

Example of CN

If you don’t understand anything out of this just wait for this example see this example now there are two computers.

We can call these two computers as knows why because these two computers can send data as well as receive data.

Now, these nodes are going to exchange their information.

But for exchanging the information they are depending upon this cable where this cable is still linked now obviously a cable is a physical medium.

So it comes underwired category so wired link carries the information from this computer to this computer or vice versa.

But there are scenarios where two devices want to communicate with each other.

But not with the help of cables set in the scenario these two smartphones want to exchange data.

Say this phone wants to give some data to this phone in this case.

There is no physical connectivity then how can be that communication is established this is possible through wireless technologies.

If that is the case who is going to carry the signals obviously air is going to carry the data.

So here ad is the link that carries the data from one place to another place.

We have two kinds of communication links

  1. Wildling another
  2. Wireless link

And the link only carries the information we shall see some examples.

The cable is the best example of a wired link.

And R is the best example of wireless.

Wireless links

Now let’s take this example where this example involves lots of nodes.

And so many links if you observe certain links are my earnings and certain links are wireless links.

So this is a perfect example of a sample computer network.

Now, what are all the devices or nodes involved in the network?

This printer is a node the stock computers are nodes tablet is a node.

The smartphone is a node cell phone tower is node this wireless router is a node route.

The internet cloud sees there are lots of nodes involved in this internet cloud.

In reality, the internet contains lots of intermediary devices these are all intermediary devices.

And these role end devices why we call this as in device.

Because this will be either the starting point of the communication or the endpoint in the communication.

For example

Example of Computer Networks

If this computer wants to access www.techstudents.in ESO on this device.

This switch is the buyer willing but communication can happen through these intermediary devices similarly.

if this mode phone also wants to get some data from Techstudents.in.

This can also give the request but this request can be carried out either this way or this way.

But if you observing both events they are wireless so the same server can be accessed with the help of wires.

As well as with the will both wireless.

Now the important point to note about a computer network.

It is mainly used for research as a computer network is mainly used for resource sharing.

There are 4 computers

Here if all 4 computers want a printer.

It is definitely not an ideal solution to purchase for printers for all computers to think of the scenario this way.

I have brought in a printer and you connected this printer to my network now all these four computers can use this printer.

So thus networks save a lot of infrastructure costs.

As well and there is an interesting scenario for you you have to find out.

  • what on the end device is used in the scenario?
  • what are the intermediary devices after finding out all the end devices?
  • And the intermediary devices just list it out like this on your paper?

End Devices and Intermediate devices

So I am showing this scenario for you please take a piece of paper.

And note down all the N devices and intermediary devices.

While and carry out this task once done you compare this with the actual result.

Now if your result is matching with this result congratulations to you.

You are progressing in the right direction if not no problem guys.


we are in the initial stage it will take some articles to understand the details about networking.

Upon this completion of this article, the learner will be able to understand.

what is a computer network and given a scenario.

The learner will be able to identify what are n devices and water intermediary devices.

I hope you are all very clear about the definition of a computer network.

It is a set of nodes connected by communication links where that link can be a wired link or a wireless link to the devices.

Which is the source or the destination in the communication are called n devices.

The devices which forward the data from one side to another side they are called as intermediary devices thank you for reading.


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