The biggest advantage of installing an app from the Google Play Store. There are 22 harmful apps that do not install in your Mobile. That all the verified and safe apps are available.

One of Google’s biggest responsibilities is that no scam app can access the Play Store.

Although Google does its job properly, many apps still find ways to access the Play Store. By periodically auditing Google and removing such harmful apps from other means, they keep removing them from the Play Store.

The problem is that the users who have downloaded the harmful apps is present in their phone and keeps on harming. In addition to harming the smartphone in security terms, such apps eliminate battery too quickly.

Cyber ​​Security Researchers have detected 22 popular apps on Google Play Store that are dangerous for smartphones and harm them. These apps have been downloaded more than 20 million times, So Do not install these 22 harmful apps.

Because they claim to do something else and run another code in the background. All such applications have back-doors, which allow the app to download user files that harm the user’s smartphone and help hackers. You should immediately remove these apps from your smartphone, so below is the list shown. Just check it if you have installed it or not.

Do not install these 22 harmful apps

Uninstall below the harmful apps

  1. Zombie Killer
  2. Space Rocket
  3. Neon Pong
  4. Sparkle FlashLight
  5. Snake Attack
  6. Math Solver
  7. ShapeSorter
  8. Take A Trip
  9. Magnifeye
  10. Join Up
  11. Just Flashlight
  12. Table Soccer
  13. HexaFall
  14. HexaBlocks
  15. PairZap
  16. Cliff Diver
  17. Box Stack
  18. Jelly Slice
  19. AK Blackjack
  20. Color Tiles
  21. Animal Match
  22. Roulette Mania

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These apps show more ads by fraud clicking, and many times users also get ad pop-ups on the home screen. In addition to harming users’ smartphones and battery, fraud can be easily done through these harmful apps.

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