5G in India, 6G can knock in China and America, 1000Gbps speed


  • In India, where not yet fully 5G service
  • China and America preparing to launch 6G
  • 5G to be rolled out in India by 2022 only

In India, where the full 5G service has not been launched yet. At the same time, China and the United States have started preparing to launch 6G. China has been working on 6G for quite some time. China company Huawei Has a 6G Resource Center in Canada. Work is going on here regarding this technique. The report states that in November last year, a satellite was launched for testing airwaves on 6G transmission. Now Chinese company ZTE is also working on this technology together with Unicom Hong-Kong. Talking about 5G launching in India, 5G spectrum will be auctioned in March this year. But according to a report, this technology will be rolled out in India by 2022 only.

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Battle to launch 6G in US and China:

According to the report, the US started working on the 6G technology only when the US was in government of Trump. For this, ATIS i.e. The Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions was formed in the US. With the United States to work on this technology Apple, AT&T, Qualcomm, Google And Samsung There are many big companies involved.

Not only this, the European Union launched the 6G wireless project under Nokia’s leadership last year. This included Ericsson AB and Telefonica SA as well as some universities.

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Why this war broke out after all:

Both China and the United States are competing to launch 6G first. If seen, this competition is not without talk. According to some reports, the country that first gets the patent of 6G will get many benefits, which itself will prove to be an immunity. According to the news, the country which will first develop 6G technology will have more dominance in the telecom market and this is the biggest reason that the battle to launch this technology is going on between China and America.

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Learn about 6G technology:

If we talk about 6G technical speed, then no information has been officially given about it at the moment. This information can be found only after a trial run of 6G. However, it is definitely being said that 6G will be 100 times faster than the maximum speed of 5G. In such a situation, it would not be wrong to say that the speed of 6G can be 1000Gbps. We are saying this because 5G has a maximum speed of 10Gbps. If seen, there is still a lot of time for the launch of 6G, so it would not be right to say anything accurately.

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