Alert! Millions of MobiKwik users leaked data on dark web, company said this

Online payment platform Mobikwik The news of leakage of data has been revealed. The company has issued its clarification regarding this matter. The Gurugram-based digital wallet company MobiKwik has denied the data breach case. The company says that the data of all the users of the company is safe. Let us tell you that it was reported that the data of MobiKwik users has been leaked in large numbers. The company has said that no firm evidence has yet been found regarding the data breech.

The company said that it is very serious about its data security. At the same time, she fully complies with the security laws regarding such cases. A company spokesperson says that the company is subject to all types of compliance measures. It includes PCI-DSS and ISO certifications. This includes annual security audits and quarterly penetration tests. Through these, the security of the platform can be protected.

A researcher claimed in the report that a link was being circulated on Darkweb. This report states that this leaked data contains about 8.2 terabytes of user data of MobiKwik. It is being said that the information of KYC of the users was included in this leaked data. This includes the user’s address, phone number, Aadhaar card information, etc.

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The data of this 8.2 terabyte size includes data of 3.5 million i.e. about 3.5 million users. It also stated that the regular keys and passwords should have been changed and the logs should have been monitored to prevent such security compromises.

Security researcher Rajasekhar Rajaharia shared the information about the data leaks of MobiKwik that took place in February. However, the company has completely denied this claim. Researcher shared a screenshot of the conversation with MobiKwik.

Meanwhile, a French hacker Robert Baptiste has said in a tweet that the company’s data has been leaked and it is the biggest KYC data leak in history. Also, the hacker has shared a screenshot that reads: Congrats Mobikwik… ”However, Twitter’s own policy hacker tweet has been deleted. Also, the hacker has given information for the search engine that was created by hackers on the dark web. It includes information about some users of the company.

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