Always take care of these things before buying true wireless earbuds, otherwise you will regret it

True wireless earbuds buying guide: Now the popularity of True Wireless earbuds has also started increasing rapidly and the market TWS Earbuds All come in shape and size. Not only this, many True Wireless earbuds are also available for sale at an affordable price. Confusion is common due to the many options available in the market and it is difficult to choose the right option for yourself. If you are also planning to buy True Wireless earbuds, then what are the things that you people need to keep in mind, let us give you detailed information about this.

While buying TWS earbuds, you will find many standout features in any product you are looking for, but take a look at the features that are of use to you. For example, if you do not want to use earbuds in the shower, do not look for a product with the best water resistance and buy earbuds that come with the best sound quality in your budget.

Some of the key and essential features that must be seen are music playback from earbuds and the ability to control calls, trigal voice assistant, quick pairing and good connectivity. Apart from this, there should be at least Bluetooth version 5 and gesture support.

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Design is also most important when purchasing True Wireless earbuds. When talking about a product that is going to be kept in your ears for a long time, then it is very important that earbuds should be taken which are comfortable to wear. If the buds are too big then you may have pain in wearing them and if the buds are too small then there is a fear of falling out of the buds.

This is especially important with Apple AirPods or OnePlus Buds that come with plastic earbuds and do not have silicone tips. If you are not sure which will fit you, then choose the options that come with multiple sizes and replaceable ear tips.

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battery life
Battery life is also very important, the more capacity the battery will be in your earbuds, the more time they will be able to work on a single charge. The more battery capacity is in your case, the more often it will be able to charge your buds. Whenever brands talk about battery life, they are usually talking about music playback time but for calls the battery life is reduced a bit.

Sound quality
Good TWS earbuds should have a reached and balanced sound that lacks bass and neither is too much bass. To ensure that the music you are hearing does not sound hollow, pay attention to the size of the drivers used in the earbuds. 6mm drivers are right, but sound is good for you, so look for earbuds that have at least 10mm drivers in each earbud.

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If you are going to use earbuds mostly for calls and multiplayer gaming, then it is better to buy products that have multiple mikes or that have good active noise cancellation support.

Mid-range quality earbuds usually support the SBC codec, but if you want better and higher resolution audio, you should look for products that support the AAC, AptX or LDAC codec.

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