amazing! Samsung Flagship Mobiles will now be easily available on rent, know how

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The world’s most popular smartphone company Samsung (Samsung) has launched a unique Samsung Flagship Mobiles Rental Program for customers, where people can rent the company’s expensive flagship phone for less money. That is, people who are not able to buy these expensive mobile phones of Samsung, can also take the phone through this program and use it according to their need and convenience.

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From one month to a year
Under the Samsung Flagship Mobiles Rental Program, people can rent and use Samsung Galaxy S20 series Dhansu phones for one month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. For this, they have to give a certain amount to the company every month. Customers can go to Samsung store and choose their favorite Samsung Galaxy phone and give monthly rent. However, this feature was currently introduced in Germany and people can rent Samsung’s cool phone through Grover company.

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Samsung Flagship Mobiles Rental Program

With this good offer from Samsung, anyone can afford expensive mobile phones

Rent of these Samsung phones
In the Samsung Rental Programme, Samsung’s Samsung phone offers 128GB storage variants of Samsung Galaxy S20 FE for 59.90 euros a month, 49.90 euros monthly for 3 months, 39.90 euros monthly for 6 months and 29.20 euros every month for a year. Can be rented. One euro is 89.31 rupees. That is, if you take this phone for a year, then you are cheaper. Similarly, if you rent Samsung Galaxy S20 for a month, then you will have to pay 99.90 euros. There will be 69.90 euro monthly for 3 months, 59.90 euro monthly for 6 months and 49.90 euro every month for one year.

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Samsung Flagship Mobiles Rental Program 2

Samsung’s flagship phones with great looks and powerful features

Take Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
In Samsung Mobiles Rental Program, you can rent the company’s best flagship mobile Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra for a month by paying 119.90 euros. On the other hand, if you take this phone for 3 months, then you will have to pay 99.90 rupees every month. At the same time 79.90 euro monthly for 6 months and 69.90 euro every month for one year. It is believed that in the coming time, mobile rental service can also be started in other countries including India.

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