Android 12 update will take full care of your privacy, these major changes will happen


  • Some photos related to Android 12 surfaced
  • In the new OS, users will see changes in notifications.
  • Photos of android 12 leaked

Android 12: Tech company Google is about to launch its new operating system. Many information about it has been leaked. The company is preparing to launch its Android 12 OS. According to some pictures related to this, according to Google, the user interface of Android 12 can be seen larger.

In the new OS of the company, users will see changes in notifications. Along with this, many other major changes can also be seen. According to the news, the company may launch Android 12 by the end of this year. Let us know what information is available from the photos of Android 12 which have been leaked.

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Photos leaked from Android 12 have revealed that many changes have been made to the interface to this OS. This change can be seen in the notification panel, rounded corner, privacy feature and widget section. The notification panel can be shown in the round shape. However, no official information has been provided by the company.

It is being said that instead of 6 tiles in the notification screen, 4 shortcut keys will be present. At the same time, the left side date and time will appear in the phone. At the same time, new icons will be present on the right side top.
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Learn about other features of Android 12:

A notification tool has been provided in Android 12, so that not every app will be able to access it accordingly. Whenever an app opens through this tool, it will be told at the top that what permissions have been given to this app. For example- Does the app have microphone or camera access? It will be informed.

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In Android 12, many things have been taken care of privacy. Through these, users will be able to decide for themselves which app should be given access to which camera, microphone and location and to whom not.

Messages in Android 12 will also be seen in a different way. A separate widget named Conversations will appear in this OS. There will be alerts related to messages, missed calls and activities. There have been reports that it will be necessary in all the devices that the company will work on Android 12. Not only this, People Shortcuts are also being given with this update. It will be the same as the contact list.

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