Apple iPhone and iPad users happy, device repair made very easy

Apple independent repair program: If you too iphone or else ipad If you are a user, then there is a special news for you. The company has announced about these users that repairing Apple’s smartphones and tablets will now be much easier than before. Users had to face a lot of problems in all of this before. Let us know that the company is already providing this service in the US and Canada. But now it will be launched in India soon.

According to the news, Apple’s independent repair program will be launched in India from next week. Under this program, third party repair centers will also be made available from Apple’s original products, parts, tools, diagnostics tools to repair manuals. If this happens, it will prove to be good news for the Apple user.

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Until now, only one Apple Authorized Service Center in India was a place where users could get their iPhone or iPad repaired. If they are repaired at a local service center outside here, then there is no warranty of whether you will give genuine parts or not. In such a situation, after this announcement by Apple, users can get a lot of convenience.

When the company starts independent repair program in India, Apple users will be able to get their iPhone or iPad fixed from any third party repair shop. This will also be possible when those shops or centers are part of Apple’s program. At these places, users will get the same treatment that is available at Apple’s Authorized Service Center. Let us know that you will be able to take advantage of this program only if your device is not in warranty. At the same time, if your iPhone or iPad is under warranty, then you will have to visit the Apple Authorized Service Center.

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Smartphone repairers can also be a part of this program. For this, the company will also train the technicians present in the shops. Also, Apple’s original products, parts, tools, manuals will also be made available to them. Let me tell you that no shop will have to pay money to join this program. But it is important to note that providers will be eligible only when they have Apple Certified Technician. Only then will they be able to repair the Apple device. According to Apple, part of this program may become repair providers from next week.

Let us tell you that for the first time, such a repair program was launched in the year 2019 by the company. But then it was being made available only in Canada and America. At the same time, it is now being introduced in India as well.

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