Barcode Scanner app gets virus, delete it immediately from phone


  • Barcode Scanner has been downloaded more than 10 million baras from the Play Store
  • This has been revealed in a Malwarebytes report
  • Google has removed this app from the Play Store

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Barcode scanner The app is vulnerable to viruses. Malwarebytes has given this information. After infecting users with viruses barcode scanner Has been removed from the Google Play Store. It has been reported in the report that the users had got to see a lot of advertisements and were opening it through their default browser. Google has quickly removed this app from the Play Store after receiving a complaint about the app having a virus. The app had been downloaded more than 10 million times from the Play Store.

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According to the report by Malewarebytes, ‘In late December a distress call started from our forum users. These users were seeing advertisements which were opening through their default browser. The special thing is that none of them had installed any apps recently and the apps that were installed were downloaded from Google Play Store. After this, a user with an Anon00 username found that these ads are coming from the long-installed Barcode Scanner app. This app has been downloaded more than 10 million times on Google Play. We soon detected the virus and then Google also removed it from the Play Store. ‘

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The report said that this app was installed in users’ mobiles for a long time. However, Barcode Scanner turned into a malicious app following an update in December. According to the news, this update was rolled out on December 4, 2020. It has also been revealed that this app update contained an Android / Trojan.HiddenAds.AdQR code that redirected users to the third-part ad site on their smartphone’s default browser.

We recommend that if your smartphone also has a barcode scanner app installed, then delete it immediately.

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