BlackBerry preparing for withdrawal, may launch 5G Smartphone with QWERTY keypad


  • Blackberry may launch 5G Smartphone
  • Security will be taken care of in new Blackberry phones

BlackBerry 5G Smartphone: BlackBerry is once again in the news, yes, the company was once very popular with its premium phones and now once again the company is preparing to come back after a long time. Blackberry This year its new company can make a comeback under OnwardMobility. It is being said that the company can launch its 5G smartphone by the end of this year.

Recall that last year BlackBerry’s partnership ended with TCL and then a few months later BlackBerry entered into a new partnership with OnwardMobility. According to the report of IT Home, the company’s CEO Peter Franklin has confirmed that the new BlackBerry phones will come with physical keyboard this year but will be given modern features. The report states that the company currently collaborates with Foxconn BlackBerry 5G Smartphone Is working on

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This is not the first time news related to the new BlackBerry phone has surfaced. Last year, there were reports that BlackBerry is going to make a comeback in Europe and North America. Now the latest report states that the new BlackBerry phone will also be launched in Asia. Security features will be taken care of in the new smartphone. Also, it will get top-of-the-line camera hardware.

This is not the first time news related to the new BlackBerry smartphone has surfaced. Recall that last year also, in a report it was said that the company is going to make a comeback in North America and Europe. Now a recently revealed report has said that the new Blackberry Phone will also be launched in Asia. Keeping the security in mind, a new BlackBerry smartphone will be developed.

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At present, the company has not provided information about the exact launch date. This is the second time BlackBerry is trying to take off its phones in the market. Recall that in 2016, Blackberry rights were purchased, after which four Blackberry smartphones were launched.

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