Data from over 3 million users at risk, malware in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browser

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Microsoft Edge with Malware and Google Chrome About 3 million people have downloaded the extension. This has been revealed in an Avast report. Avast researchers have said that they have identified 28 extensions on Chrome and Edge that were infected with malware.

Most users used these add-ons (browser extensions) to download pictures, videos and other content from social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Spotify and WeMo. According to reports, the malware in these extensions used to steal users’ personal information by redirecting them to advertisements or phishing sites.

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Avast explained in a blog post that company researchers have identified malicious code in JavaScript-based extensions in both Chrome and Edge. Infected extensions with these codes used to download more malware into the user’s system. Based on the number of downloads on Google and Microsoft’s web store, researchers said that around 3 million people worldwide have been affected by it.

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Many users have complained that these extensions were manipulating their Internet experience and redirecting them to other websites. Avast Researchers clarified, ‘When a user clicks on a link, the extension sends information related to the click on the attacker’s control server, which can send the command to redirect the victim to a new hijack URL instead of the real link . Later they get redirected from the actual website they wanted to visit. In this way, the privacy of the user is breached because a description of all clicks is present on these third party websites.

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The malware in these browser extensions used to steal personal information such as date of birth, email addresses and active devices. The researchers further added, ‘This malware collects the user’s birth date, email address and first signin time in device information, last login time, device name, operating system, used browser and its version and IP address.’

Avast researchers believe that the purpose of this malware is to monetize traffic. They also believe that the Avast Threat Intelligence team started monitoring Threat in November 2020. Maybe Google Chrome And Microsoft edge browser This malware in the extension has been active for years without anyone knowing.

The blog was published on 16 December and researchers noted that these infected extensions were available for download by the time the blog was published.

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