Data of 500 million LinkedIn users leaked online, whether you are included in the list


  • LinkedIn users’ data leaked online
  • Data of more than 500 million users included
  • The data was hacked by hackers and is also being sold online

A few days ago, a data breach case of users of social media website Facebook was revealed. This breech was described as the largest breech in the company’s history. Under this, data of 533 million users was hacked by hackers and was also being sold online. Users still could not even emerge from the Facebook data breech case that now another big data breech has come out.
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if you Linkedin If you are a user, then this news is very important for you. Actually, according to a report, the data of LinkedIn users has been leaked online. It contains data of more than 500 million users. It can be said that by looking at such breaches, users need to be cautious at this time.

What’s in the report: According to a report by CyberNews, important data of 500 million users of LinkedIn has been seen on Darkweb. The report stated that the leaked information included LinkedIn IDs, full names, email addresses, phone numbers, genders, links to LinkedIn profiles, links to other social media profiles, professional titles, and other work-related data. It is not yet clear whether the hackers are selling the updated LinkedIn profile.

What is LinkedIn says: LinkedIn has accepted the data breach, saying, “This breech contains data that can be seen publicly that has been scraped from LinkedIn. Users trust LinkedIn with their data Has expressed and we are taking action to maintain that trust. We have also investigated an alleged set of LinkedIn data that has been made available for sale. It has also determined that it is in fact on many websites. And aggregation of companies’ data. ”

The company also said, “This includes data that is publicly viewable. This data is understood to be scraped from Breach LinkedIn. It does not include any personal user account data from LinkedIn. If our If someone misuses the users’ data then it violates the policy of the company. If anyone uses our user’s data without their consent then we stop them and hold them accountable. ”

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The company has started investigating LinkedIn data breach by exposing personal information of millions of users. Company officials told Bloomberg that users’ data, including ID, full name, email address, telephone number, are included in this breech and its investigation has been started.

The report said the leaked data could be used to track targeted phishing attacks, spam 500 million emails, phone numbers and passwords of LinkedIn profiles and email addresses. In such a situation, users are advised to change the password of their LinkedIn account and the email address associated with the account. Also enable two-factor authentication on all official accounts.

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