Data up to 50GB in Airtel’s Dhansu data pack, price starts at Rs 48


  • Data up to 50 GB in Airtel’s data packs
  • You will also get free OTT application subscription
  • Packs run till the validity of the current plan

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Telecom company Airtel In its portfolio, there are many great plans with unlimited calling and daily data benefit. At the same time, the demand for those plans is more among the users, in which a lot of data is being offered at a lower price. The company offers data packs for these users. These data packs are very useful when the limit of daily data found in your existing plan is exhausted. These data packs, which come with an initial price of 48 rupees, are also offering free subscription of up to 50 GB of data and popular OTT apps.

Airtel Rs 48 data pack
This subs is the cheapest data pack offered by Airtel. In this data pack of Rs 48, the company is offering 3 GB data with a validity of 28 days. The special thing is that the company is also offering extra 3 GB data to some users in this pack. In this case, the user gets the benefit of 6 GB data in a data pack of Rs 48. Let us know that the validity available in this pack lasts till the validity of the running plan.

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Airtel Rs 78 data pack

This data pack of Airtel has got the same validity as the existing plan. This plan comes with a 30-day Wink Music subscription. In this data pack, the company is giving 5 GB data for internet usage. This pack is available for active bundle and smart pack users.

Airtel Rs 89 pack
The company announced this pack with Amazon India’s Prime Video Mobile Edition Partnership. The company is offering 6 GB data in the pack. Apart from this, subscribers of the pack are also being given free subscription of Prime Video Mobile Edition for 28 days. Another special thing of the plan is that it also gets free access to free Helotunes and Airtel Extreme app. The pack runs as much as the validity of the current plan.

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Airtel Rs 248 data pack

In this pack of Airtel you will get 25 GB data. In the plan, the company is giving free subscription to Wink Music for one year. Apart from this, live concerts can also be enjoyed in this plan through free Halotunes and Wink app.

Airtel Rs 251 data pack
In this pack, the company is offering 50 GB data. This plan runs till the validity of your running plan. The company introduced this plan at the time of lockdown and the users are enjoying it very much.

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Airtel Rs 401 data pack
In this data pack coming with 28 days validity, the company is offering 30 GB data. A free subscription of Disney + Hotstar, which comes at a price of Rs 399 is also being given in the plan.

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