Do not like Whatsapp policy, do not use users: Delhi High Court

Instant messaging app WhatsApp The company is in trouble due to the new policy of A petition was filed in the court regarding the new privacy policy of the company, which was heard on Monday. During the hearing, the Delhi High Court approved WhatsApp and Facebook Has refused to issue notice on the new policy. However, the court has asked for a detailed hearing on the matter on 25 January. During the arguments given in the court, Delhi High Court has said that WhatsApp was a private app. People are free not to use it.

At the beginning of hearing on this petition, Justice Sanjeev Sachdeva told the petitioner that if the new policy of the company affects the privacy of the user then the users can quit using the WhatsApp app. This is a private app. Let us tell you that according to the new policy of WhatsApp, the company had said that users’ data will be shared with Facebook.

Users have to agree to the company’s new policy by 8 February. If it does not, the user’s account will be closed. However, WhatsApp has made it clear in the FAQ post on its official page and now through the status of the users that the company cannot see the private messages of the users. Can’t hear calls either. There is also no information about whom the user is messaging and calling. The company is not even aware of the location you are sending.
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The court also said that a similar privacy policy is used by other apps such as maps and browsers. In such a case, it is not logical for the petitioner to talk about any one app. The court has also said that if users read the policies of other applications, then they will see them like WhatsApp.

WhatsApp recently changed its privacy policy which users had to give consent. If users do not give consent, then their account would be closed. The new policy allows WhatsApp to share more data with Facebook. When users started using apps like Signal and Telegram, except WhatsApp, WhatsApp extended the implementation date of its policy by three months.
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Advocate Mukul Rohatgi, who appeared in court on behalf of WhatsApp, told the court that it was safe to use this app. It also said that the data that WhatsApp was about to share with Facebook was related to business accounts. The new policy will not affect personal chat.

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