Earth Day 2021: Google encourages people for a bright future, makes Doodle video

New Delhi. Earth Day 2021: Google tells us why every day is special. He uses Doodle to explain the importance of any day. In this sequence, Google has created a doodle even today. Today is Earth Day.

For this, Google has shown a woman on her homepage, who is sitting under a big tree and reading a book. While his daughter is planting a plant. In this video of doodle, some people are teaching their young generation to plant trees. This lesson is given from one generation to the next.

Learn what is special in Doodle

  • This year on Earth Day, Doodle describes how everyone can plant trees and sow seeds for their future. In this doodle, a woman is first shown sitting under a tree and reading a book. Then comes his daughter or a small girl who sows the seeds.
  • At the same time, in the video Doodle made, it is shown that a baby girl comes and plants. Then how does that plant take the form of a tree. With this, that woman also grows up.
  • Then another child comes along with the woman who plants. After that, the tree also grows and that child also grows up. Similarly, this goes on for many generations. In this, many people have been shown to plant trees with their future generations and are teaching them to plant trees.

Us environment Owe

  • The company has said that the planet we call home nourishes life. Our environment works hard to maintain us, whose favor we should pay. Today’s video Doodle features a variety of trees planted inside natural habitats.
  • These are extremely important to keep us healthy for future generations. This Earth Day or every day, we encourage all of us to do a small work to restore our Earth.

How Earth Day started
Earth Day was inaugurated by US Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin. It was first celebrated on April 22, 1970. On this day, 20 million Americans took to the streets for a healthy environment. Today is recognized for emphasizing the need to protect the earth.

Watch Google’s video doodle on Earth Day 2021

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