Facebook users will be able to delete messages of unknown people simultaneously

Social media platform Facebook It continues to launch many new features to provide a better experience for its users. In this sequence, the company is now working on a new feature under which messenger can be massively deleted and blocked from suspicious or unknown accounts. In the current situation, if the users have to delete the messages of an unknown person, then they have to manually do it one by one. In such a situation, these messages can be deleted simultaneously after the introduction of this new feature. Not only this, many accounts can also be deleted simultaneously.

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Users will be able to give proper feedback:

Facebook is updating its company policies under which the company will allow users to report abuse and harassment. Facebook will allow users to report their message and give their appropriate response. Facebook has reported that the company already has a pop-up fishing notification and automatic image blurring tool to delete phishing and suspicious accounts. The company is also planning to offer features for child safety as well.

This is how we currently delete messages:

Talking about the present situation, there is no option to delete the messages of unknown people on the platform at the same time. If the user has to delete unknown messages, then they have to delete the messages one by one. For this, the user has to go to the message request option in the app. From here, messages have to be manually deleted one by one.

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Last year Facebook introduced a new feature under which chatting can also be done on Instagram through Messenger. Both apps were integrated. Users can operate Instagram chats through Messenger. At the same time, you can also send messages through Messenger via Instagram. Users can sync their Instagram and Messenger accounts if both messaging apps want to see the same display picture and name with cross chat functionality for Messenger.

Facebook introduced other features:

Facebook has introduced many other features in its messenger including colorful chats, emoji reactions, sharing videos. Facebook also introduced chat themes for Instagram and Messengers. Also the Venetian mode was also introduced. Once the chat is over under the vanish mode, the message history is automatically deleted.

To enable Venetian mode, you have to open its chat window with which you also want to chat. Then swipe up the chat window. This will enable the Venetian mode. Messages are automatically deleted even after the chat is closed.

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