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  • Cybercrime is increasing
  • How to complain and where to complain
  • The whole way to complain about being a victim of Cyber ​​Crime

New Delhi. Thanks to the technology for the convenience we have received from the use of the phone, the amount is less. Ever since the phone came to the Internet and the phone has become a smartphone due to its features, such things can be done from the phone, which was impossible to think about. As the Internet is becoming more and more used in the country, so too cyber crime Is also increasing.

There was a time when internet used to be high, people used to use online service less, but in today’s era, cheap internet has made people take up all work online. Whether sending a message, talking or shopping. Even banking transactions today are quite easy online. Whether it is to transfer money later or to transfer the necessary documents to someone, all these works are being done online.
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Now that so much is being done online, it is obvious that criminals will also be eyeing it and they will take advantage of it wrongly. People are being fraudulently involved in private data theft on social media and online shopping and digital payment payments. This type of crime is categorized as Cyber ​​Crime. One gets to hear about cybercrime every day. If something similar has happened to you too and you are unable to understand how to complain and where to complain, then we will give you Cyber ​​crime Explaining the entire way of complaining about being a victim of.

To complain online about being a victim of cyber crime, you have to follow this procedure:

  • This portal, designed to complement cybercrime, works inside the country’s Ministry of Home Affairs. After complaining, people will not have to visit the police station. Complaints are registered online and their redressal is also found online. Its biggest feature is that it can be compacted by keeping the identity anonymous.
  • If you have been a victim of cybercrime (Cyber ​​Crime) or you have been a victim, then for this you first have to go to the official website of the National Cyber ​​Crime Reporting Portal. This website works in both Hindi and English languages. To visit this website, you have to click on
  • Along with the information related to the portal on this website, you will be taken permission to check whether all the information given by the users is correct or not. After accepting it, we have to proceed.
  • In this website, two parts of the report Cybercrime Related to Women / Child and Report Other Cybercrime are given. The kind of complaint the user has to register and click on it.
  • Other cybercrime include issues like fraud, phishing, hacking and fraud. After clicking on it, the phone number, name and other information will be asked, which will have to be entered.

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  • Cybercrime Related to Women / Child features online bullying, pornography and sexily exploits. Enter this section if this type of complaint occurs.
  • It has options for Report Anonymously (anonymously) and Report & Track. Under these options, if the user wishes, then he can keep his identity anonymous and compile it like cybercrime. If you want, you can also choose the option as per your wish.
  • When you select the crime category, then the accused’s name, place and evidence will be asked. After entering all the required information, the Complaint has to be submitted.
  • When you report cybercrime, then after that you will get a Compliant ID which will be as a unique number. When you have to track your complaint later, you will have to follow that unique number.
  • When you have entered the complaint, you will have to track it to know its status. One has to login the official website to track it. After login, you have to click on Report & Track.
  • For this, the user has to enter the Complaint ID given as a unique number at the given place. After registering, the user will get complete information about the actions taken by the National Cyber ​​Crime Reporting Portal.

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