Gas Subsidy Check Online: Do this like sitting at home whether gas subsidy is coming in your account or not


  • Gas subsidy money in bank account without any hassle
  • Due to mistake, this money does not reach the account
  • Know how to find out whether gas subsidy money is going to your account

Gas subsidy Check Online: Many of us have an LPG connection at home. 12 cylinders can be booked over a connection. Before the Corona period, whenever a person booked gas, the subsidy amount was transferred to his account. For example, if the gas money is Rs 550 and you are being charged Rs 750, then Rs 200 is your subsidy which is transferred to your bank account. In such a situation, many people also take advantage of subsidy. However, now this money is just 30 to 35 rupees. In such a situation it becomes very important to know whether this money is being credited to your account or not. By the way, the gas subsidy money goes into the bank account without any hassle. But due to a mistake, this money does not reach the account. In such a situation, it is very important to know about this transaction. So let’s know how to find out whether the gas subsidy money is going into your account or not.
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In this way, know whether the gas subsidy money is coming into the account or not:

1. For this, first you have to open internet in your phone. Then go to the phone’s browser. Here you have to open it by typing

2. After this you will see the photo of the gas cylinders of the gas companies on the right. Tap on the photo of the gas cylinder of whoever is your service provider.

3. After this a new window will open. This window will be from your gas service provider. After this, sign-in and new user option will be given at the top right. Tap on it.

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4. If your ID has already been created, you will have to sign in. If there is no ID, then you have to tap on the new user. Login to the website.

5. After this, the window that opens will have the option of view cylinder booking history on the right. Tap on it. From here you will know how much subsidy has been given on which cylinder and when.

6. At the same time, if you have booked gas and you have not received subsidy money, then you have to click on the feedback button. From here you can also file a complaint of not receiving subsidy money.

7. Apart from this, if you have not yet linked the LPG ID to your account, you can do this by going to the distributor.

8. Apart from this, you can also register a complaint by calling 18002333555 for free.
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