Gmail, Google Pay and Chrome crash, learn how to fix it immediately


  • Millions of users using Google are worried
  • Apps like Gmail, Google Pay and Google Chrome crash
  • This is how it can be used

in the world Google There are crores of users who use it and even if it does not run for a second, then people face a lot of problems. Now this has happened and Gmail, Google Pay And Google Chrome Etc. Apps have crashed. WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram crashed a few days ago, due to which many users were upset. Now so Gmail Happening with apps, people are facing problems because in the phone Gmail Can not open. At the same time, apps like Google Pay and Chrome were also not being used. Google also admitted that many apps had crashed on Tuesday morning. Currently, the tech company is working on these. When its solution is out, consumers will be updated about it. Android users are facing this problem. If something similar is happening to you, then you do not have to worry too much about it. Yes you can use it yourself by making some changes in the settings
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This is how you can use
On its official page, Gmail said that we know that users are having trouble using the Gmail app. During this time, many users are also unable to use Gmail. Right now we are working to find a solution to this and as soon as it is correct then the users will be told. Further Google said that Gmail users can run Gmail on desktop instead of using Gmail Android app for a short time.
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early morning Google Many of the apps stopped being used in Android phones, after which annoying users started seeing updates in Downdetector. Through this site, information about website and app crashes is available. When people told about their problems here, Downdetector told in a post on Twitter that since Tuesday morning, Google users are facing problems and Google’s apps are not working. It is being told that the reason for this problem is Android WebView. Through this feature powered by Chrome, users are able to view webpages in Android apps. Google said that the tech company is working to solve this problem. WebView has caused a lot of app crashes. We are trying to eliminate this problem and it will be redressed soon.
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If WebView is removed from the phone and after that the photo will be restarted, this problem can be relieved. For this, you have to go to the settings of your phone. Then you have to go to the app and tap on the 3 dot that appears on the right-hand edge there. An option will appear on the System app, in which the search Android system WebView will be found. It has to be uninstalled here. This will also work in many Android apps. While WebView is an essential app, attention should be paid before removing it.

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