Google will steal Apple’s feature, know what will be safe for users


  • Apple’s iOS 14 features special anti-tracking
  • Google is looking for an option that could compete with the anti-tracking feature

Google’s mobile operating system Android Very popular among people. Its direct competitor in the market Apple is. It has been seen many times that Android has copied many of Apple’s features. Something similar has happened this time too. According to a Bloomberg report, Google Looking for an alternative that iOS Can counter or better the anti-tracking features offered in 14 updates. The company is deliberating on this. There are talks on how she can limit data collection and cross-app tracking on her operating system. Also, what kind of policies should be given to the user in view of privacy, there is also talk on this.

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According to the report, ad sales are the biggest source of Google’s revenue. In such a situation, the company has understood the need of app developers. The company will try its best to take care of both users ‘and developers’ earnings. It is clear from this that the rules related to Google’s privacy will not be as stringent as Apple. In such a situation, it would not be wrong to say that this feature will not be very secure. At the same time, let us also tell you that Apple has decided to remove apps from the App Store that do not follow the privacy standard of the company.

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Bloomberg says that Google’s feature will not be as secure as Apple. When users are given iOS 14.5 update, then users will see a pop-up in which the user will be asked for permission for Apple Ad ID. This will be done to show advertisements. At the same time, Google said that it has already decided to pursue Apple’s cross-app tracking technology on iOS.

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However, the move by Apple has not been liked by many large digital advertising companies. Because many users do not allow such things. This directly affects the advertising sales. Facebook had alleged that this update was being forcefully given by Apple. Facebook is said to be actively running a campaign against the upcoming changes. They claim that they can harm small businesses.

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