Google’s new rules will not be accepted, will Gmail account really be closed, learn

Almost everyone knows about WhatsApp’s new privacy policy. After strong opposition from users, WhatsApp withdrew its new privacy policy. Now we you Google by Gmail Describing new rules issued for service. There were reports that Google had said that if the users did not follow the new rules then their account would be closed. Now here we are telling you about the new rules of Google and also whether we are not really following the new rules. Gmail The account will be closed.

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These features will be discontinued
Automatic Email Filtering Feature: Talking about the benefits of automatic email filtering feature, it divides the message from Gmail users’ inbox into three different categories like primary, social and promotion.

Assistant reminder: In the Assistant Reminder feature, users get a reminder about the date of filing their bills, that is, users get to know when they have to pay their bill.

Smart Compose: The Smart Compose feature helps users in correcting spelling and typing while preparing email.

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How true is this and how much lies
If we talk about the truth of these news coming on social media, then it is quite true. Let us tell you that Google has created new rules for Gmail service and it is necessary to follow them. If a user does not follow these rules then his account will not be closed. By not accepting these rules, users will not be able to take advantage of some special features provided by Gmail. Users such as Smart Compose, Assistant Reminder and Automatic Email Filtering cannot be used by users. On the other hand, if you are in India and are getting worried about this news then you need not worry about it, because the new rules issued by Google are only for Gmail users in UK. At the same time, no such announcement has been made by Google that when they will be implemented in India or not.

What will be the benefits of the new rule

According to the update that Google has released for its Gmail users, users will get control over their personal data and support. Through this feature, users can now know what type of data they want to share with Google or not. If a user accepts the new rule of Google, then he will get a pop-up message. This pop-up message comes to the user when he opens Gmail. Earlier, users were informed by Google that if the new rules are not accepted, the content on Gmail, Google Drive and Google Photos will be removed. With this, if we talk about Google’s new storage policy, then they can be implemented in the next year. After this policy, users will be able to use free data storage within a limited range and they will have to purchase the storage for more storage.

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