Haier India launches 17 refrigerators with magic convertible features, know price and features


  • Haier launches 17 new variants of Big Bottom Mounted Refrigerators 3 to 4 stars
  • Allows temperature to be controlled between + 9⁰C to -24⁰C
  • Saves more energy and reduces noise

Home appliances and consumer electronics manufacturer Haier has launched 17 new variants of Big Bottom Mounted Refrigerators 3 to 4 stars. The company’s Big Bottom Mounted Refrigerator (BMR) series has been introduced with the All New Magic Convertival feature. This allows the temperature to be controlled between + 9⁰C to -24⁰C.
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This temperature can be adjusted according to different items. Now we all know that for different foods, the temperature in the fridge is also different. It is said that not every substance can be kept at the same temperature. If the temperature of a food item falls below one or two degrees above the right temperature, it changes the taste of the substance. In such a situation, this fridge can prove very useful for users.

This new series is designed to set different temperatures for different foods. The Magic Conventival technology provided in it can convert the fridge into 14 modes. Unlike other refrigerators, Haier’s Magic Convertible feature allows the right temperature control to store foods ranging from chicken, seafood to desserts and ice creams, cereals and vegetables at favorable temperatures.

Special feature of Big Bottom Mounted Refrigerator Series: Magic Convertible feature is a special feature of this series. It is enabled by the company’s advanced triple inverter technology. This saves more energy and reduces noise. Along with this, the dual fan technology allows multiple air flow to the refrigerator for different food items to retain their freshness.
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Features of these new range: This new range has a smart display that can operate the temperature in different modes. Let us know that the refrigerator can also be set in Holiday mode, which will give users the opportunity to remain tension-free during the holidays.

Along with this, the connect home inverter feature is also given in it. Through this feature a connection can be made to the inverter of the house, which will not lack the cooling in the fridge even if the power is cut off. For the convenience of users, it has a separate fruit box, 2L bottle storage and a base drawer.

Mr. Eric Braganza, President, Haier Appliances India said, “At Haeir India, we provide our users with cutting-edge technology products that facilitate their lives as well as complement their lifestyles. These 17 new variants of the new Magic Convertival refrigerator have been introduced as per the needs and requirements of the users. ”


Glass Range:

HRB-3664POG-E- Rs 59,900
HRB-3664PRG-E- Rs 59,900
HRB-3664PMG-E-59,900 Rs
HRB-3664PKG-E-Rs 59,900
HRB-3665PMG-E-62,000 Rs.
HRB-3964POG-E- Rs 64,100
HRB-3964PRG-E- Rs 64,100
HRB-3964PMG-E- Rs 64,100
HRB-3964PKG-E- Rs 64,100
HRB-3965PMG-E- Rs 67,300

Floral Series:

HRB-3664BMT-E- Rs 56,700
HRB-3664BGT-E- Rs 56,700
HRB-3964BMT-E- Rs 61,000
HRB-3964BGT-E- Rs 61,000

Plain Variants:

HRB-3664BS-E- Rs 53,000
HRB-3664CIS-E- Rs 55,100

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