Have an account with SBI? Bank warns, this small mistake can get all account money empty

New Delhi. Cyber ​​fraud has found another way to monitor the hard-earned money of innocent people due to online banking related work. The incidents of forgery keep coming up every day. Recently Government-owned banks State Bank of India (SBI) has asked its customers to be careful.

Customers do not accidentally share any personal information related to debit card number and date of birth with anyone. At the same time, there are many such apps, which are to be avoided from downloading. The smallest mistake you make can put you in trouble during the difficult times of the Corona epidemic and cybercrimes can withdraw money from your bank account.

In a tweet from its official Twitter account, the State Bank of India said that during this period, cybercriminal people are stealing money from their bank accounts by implicating them in their forgery. Along with being careful, always keep these things in mind and Do not forget to make these mistakes:

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1. If anyone asks you for personal information like your debit card number, CVV, OTP, date of birth, debit card PIN, Internet banking user ID or password etc. then do not share any information with them.

2. If you have any SB I, Call as RBI, government officer, police or KYC agent, then you have to be careful, because no one will ask for your personal information from you. Only Fraud can do such a thing.

3. If you are asked to download an app through call or any other means, then you do not have to download that app at all.

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4. If you get an email or an attachment. In such a situation, you do not have to click on it at all. This type of mistake can cause your personal information to be shared with fraudsters.

5. If you are lured by a big lottery or such offer, for which you have not even applied, then you should be careful in this situation. If anyone gives such an offer through call or SMS, then they do not have to give any of their personal information, because this can put the money deposited in your bank account in the hands of fraudsters.

6. If you do banking with a smartphone then you should not download any kind of third party app in the phone. With this, if a unknown person sent a link via email or SMS, then it should not be opened.

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7. Whenever you download any app in your smartphone. While downloading the app, some things are asked for approval, in such a case, they should be read properly and approved only after that.

8. Very often, due to all the conditions we have agreed to, we allow app developers access to the information contained in their phones. This may cause us to suffer heavy losses.

9. If you are downloading any app in the phone, do not approve it as an administrator of the smartphone. This type of approval is sought from the users by the app and they approve it without noticing. This can be quite difficult.

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