Holi 2021: How to keep the smartphone safe, learn important tips


  • Use zip lock bag for phone on holi
  • Balloons can be used as waterproof bags
  • Take special care of ports on smartphone

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Today we are celebrating Holi, the festival of colors. However, due to Kovid-19, Holi celebrations are not happening in public places but we can play Holi with our families. It is important to be vigilant about all the essential things while celebrating Holi. For example, for hair and skin protection, use an organic color made of flowers / fruits. It is important to protect your phone and gadget from water, colors. Let us tell you how to save your phone and gadgets on Holi.

How to keep your smartphone safe on Holi

1. Zip lock bag
You can use a zip lock bag to protect your phone from water and color on Holi. These bags are present in the kitchen of most people. By keeping the phone in this zip lock bag, you can save your phone and even if someone pours water on you, there will be no harm to your phone.

2. Balloons
Balloons filled with water are mostly used to play Holi. But do you know that you can also cover your phone with these balloons. Yes, stretch the rubber and you can make instant waterproof by putting a phone inside it.

3. Take special care of the ports of the smartphone
Keep in mind that covering smartphone ports such as speaker, mic, headphone jack and charging port is extremely important. You can also cover them with tape to protect them from getting dry water and water intrusion.

4. Do not use hair dryer to dry wet smartphone
Many components in smartphones are very fragile, so do not do this at all if you use a hair dryer to dry the phone. Apart from this, the rear panel of the smartphone can also be melted by the hot air of the hair dryer.

5. Use a pattern or pin instead of a biometric lock
Before going to the Holi party, set the PIN, password or pattern on the phone instead of your biometric lock such as fingerprint or face unlock. Because you may not be able to detect the face unlock feature of the phone with your colored face.

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