How to hide your mobile number from others in Telegram, learn step by step the whole way

Telegram Tips and Tricks: The Telegram app is a feature-packed messaging app that offers many features for users to work on, especially privacy features. If you too Telegram App If you use our news today, it is specially for you people, even if you think that if I had been able to hide my phone number from other users, it would have been great, so no need to worry now. Yes, today we are going to inform you about how you can hide your mobile number from other contacts on Telegram app.

Telegram App: How to hide number
1) First of all open the Telegram app on your smartphone.
2) After the Telegram app is open, on the left side you have to click on the three dot menu.
3) After clicking on the three dot menu, click on Settings.

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4) After clicking on Settings, tap on Privacy and Security.
5) In the privacy and security section you will see many options in the privacy section and one of these options is the phone number, you have to tap on it.
6) As soon as you tap on the phone number, you will see three options, Everybody, My Contacts and Nobody.

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If you want to hide your phone number from all users, tap on Nobody, if you want the number which is saved in your contact list, only those people will be able to see your number, then you have to tap on My Contacts.

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