If you are charging extra on Amazon, then do this work immediately


  • Sometimes we unnecessarily charge for unsolicited subscriptions
  • In Amazon, users also get video streaming facility, magazine, apps, other subscriptions.
  • Now the prime membership of the user can also be canceled

If you too Amazon If you do online shopping or watch videos through entertainment platform, then this story can prove to be very beneficial for you. Due to getting so much at once, we do not know that we have subscribed to any facility and whose has not been taken, so what happens is that sometimes we unnecessarily give a charge of unsolicited subscription, which we cannot even use. Are being In Amazon, users also get video streaming facility, magazine, apps or other subscriptions. Here we are telling you, how to find out the services we are not using and how to cancel them.

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How much is the paid subscription: To remove the extra charge, you should first know which service is subscribed to by your Amazon login ID. If you cancel the subscription of Amazon simultaneously, your charge will end, but with that all the services will also be stopped. To avoid this problem, we are telling you about the way by which each service can be canceled separately.

  • For this, the user has to first go through the computer or laptop on Amazon’s site.
  • Then the user has to click on the account and lists. After this the user will see membership and subscriptions.
  • After this the user has to click on it. At this place you will see all the services that you have subscribed to.
  • Here you can see which service is necessary for you and which is not.
  • You can remove the service which you do not feel necessary. Then you will see a managed subscription.
  • Here you have to click on auto-renew option to turn off payments and cancel your subscription.
  • If it happens that you do not have auto-renew off option here, you will have to go to another Amazon Membership page for this. If you want to cancel the prime membership of Amazon here too, you can cancel it too.
  • Now, click on Membership & Subscription in the drop-down menu of Accounts & Lists without clicking on Direct Select Prime Membership.
  • After this, you will see the option of end membership.
  • Then the user has to click on Cancel My Benefits. Now the user’s prime membership can also be canceled.

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