Important! If these 5 government apps remain in your phone, then a lot of work will be done.

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The current era has become digital to a large extent, that is, a lot of important work is done through your home or through your mobile. You know the news of the country and the world sitting at home, recharge anything through mobile apps, and even ask for food and medicine. Something like this Important government apps Should also be in your phone, with the help of which you can do a lot of government work or get it done on digital platform. These major mobile apps include MyGov, Umang, mParivahan, mPassport Seva and Arogya Setu. Today, you know what work you can get done through these apps and how you will benefit from them.

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There is a lot you can do with the MyGov App
MyGov App is a very good initiative of the Narendra Modi government of the Center, which started in the year of July 2014. Through this digital platform, common people can play their important role in policy making and can give advice and suggestions to the government. Information on government schemes can be found on this platform and they can communicate to the ministries and various departments. Actually, this is an effort through which public participation in government works can also be ensured. People need to know about this government app and its use. My gov app has more than 1 million users across the country.

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Useful Government Apps For Mobile Users 1

Every mobile users need to know about this app

This information will be found on mParivahan
The mobile app mParivahan was launched by the government for overall information related to road transport and vehicles as well as road traffic rules and penalties on their violations. On this app, you get many more information, from creating a driving license to the name of the vehicle owner, vehicle registration date, registration authority, vehicle edge, vehicle class, insurance validity, fitness validity. This is a very useful app, which is better if it is in your mobile. The mPerivahan app has over 3 million users.

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Useful Government Apps For Mobile Users 3

Information related to road and transport will be found in this app

What is the work of mPassport Seva
The government has launched a mobile app called mPassport to facilitate passport service, through which common people can get passport application, passport seva kendra as well as passport making and all information related to status. Making passports through this app becomes very convenient and people are saved from going round the passport office for small talk. There are 77 Passport Seva Kendras in India, where people can get passports. Over 50 lakh people in India use the mPassport Seva app.

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Useful Government Apps For Mobile Users 2

Get information related to passport making and Passport Seva Kendra here

UMANG app will help a lot
UMANG (Unified Mobile Application for New Age Governance) is an important effort in the direction of app digitization, through which efforts are made to promote e-governance with the help of mobile. Through this app, people get information about Healthcare, Finance, Education, Housing, Energy, Agriculture, Transport as well as Employment and Skills. On the Umang app, you can also get information related to Aadhaar, DigiLocker and PayGov.

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Useful Government Apps For Mobile Users 4

Nowadays most important app

Arogya Setu So Most Important Nowadays
One app that people felt the most need during the Corona crisis, is Arogya Setu App. Through this app, you get information about the surrounding corona infected people as well as the total infected and sick people. Also, all the information related to the corona care center and the corona and the world is found in audio-video and news form. Whether it is office or mall, everywhere you are asked whether the Arogya App is in your phone or not. From this, you can get a sense of how important the Arogya Setu app is. You also keep this app in your phone and stay away from the corona.

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