Internet will run free overnight, Vodafone Idea introduced unlimited night time data plan


  • Offers more than one best offer for users
  • Unlimited high speed night time data will be available
  • There is no separate cost for this service

Network provider company Vodafone idea (Vodafone idea) Often offers more than one best offer for its users. Recently, the company has offered a new one to its customers, increasing the convenience. Users need a lot of data and often the data is quite exhausted at night, because after being free from office or business, people often spend more data when they are free at night.

In such a situation, whether to watch an online movie or talk to people or use social media, all these types of work are more during the night time. Now Vodafone Idea customers will get unlimited high speed night time data. Vodafone Idea customers will not have to pay any separate cost for this service.
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Which customers will get this benefit:
If you want to take advantage of this offer, then for this you will have to recharge from 249 rupees or more. Users who recharge for Rs 249 or more will get the benefit of unlimited prepaid data at night. The benefit of this offer of Vodafone Idea will be given only to those users who will get recharged on or after February 16.

When will you get benefits:
Talking about the benefits of this feature, this feature will start at 12 pm and will run till 6 am.

How much will benefit:
The biggest thing is that no limit of any kind has been imposed on customers for using unlimited data. This opportunity will prove to be very beneficial for customers who use more data at night. Now users will be able to enjoy the OTT platform throughout the night. Now, while watching videos on OTT platform at the time of relief, there will be no fear of loss of data.
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There will be no problem in video calls: Through this facility, now prepaid customers can easily access unlimited data. When your daily data quota is over, you can still make long video calls at night. Vodafone Idea wants to give more convenience to its users through this feature and wants to attract new users to its company.

Customers of Vodafone Idea can avail unlimited data overnight at a recharge of Rs 249 or more. Apart from this, users can also get the benefit of data rollover on recharge of more than Rs 249. Under this offer, customers get the opportunity to use unused data on weekends from Monday to Friday.

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