iPhone 13 will get up to 240Hz refresh rate, company applied for patent

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Apple is also preparing to offer high refresh rate display in its smartphones like other companies. The company can offer a variable refresh rate display in its upcoming iPhones. Apple has also applied for a patent for this particular display. The company is believed to be iphone 13 can offer variable refresh rate display.

Refresh rate will be increased up to four times
The specialty of variable refresh rate is that it can increase the refresh rate of the display content by two to four times as per the requirement. For this feature, the company will also give the option to turn the high (variable) refresh rate option on and off.

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Automatically switch will refresh rate
According to reports, the refresh rate option of iPhones display that comes with this feature will automatically switch to 60Hz, 120Hz, 180Hz and 240Hz if enabled. Current iPhones currently only offer a display with a 60Hz refresh rate, but the company offers variable refresh rates of up to 120 Hz in iPad Pro with Pro Motion technology.

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Use of low-power LTPO display technology
iPhones may have the biggest battery performance so far not getting high refresh rate. However, other brands are now offering refresh rates ranging from 120Hz to 240Hz in most of their devices and that is why Apple needs to offer high refresh rate displays to stay in competition. The company may adopt low-power LTPO display technology to avoid affecting the battery of incoming iPhones due to high refresh rate.

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