Know Inserting video with TikTok watermark on Instagram reels will harm


  • Video with Tiktok watermark will suffer
  • Initiative to promote original video on Instagram reels
  • Interface changes have been made several times in the last 8 months

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This is the era of short video sharing apps, ie nowadays MX TakaTak, Instagram Reels Including other platforms, where people create videos for a few seconds and share and become popular. But the real game is of original content and all the apps are trying to get original posts on their platform, so that they can also benefit and users can also take advantage of it. In an effort, the social media site Instagram has decided that if a user shares a video with TikTok watermark on Instagram Reels, it will be demoted, which means that it can be reduced or even removed.

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…. then your video will not be promoted on Instagram
Users who moved to platforms such as MX Taktak or Instagram reels after TikTok Ban in India and those who are sharing their Tiktok video reels and if these videos have Tiktok watermarks will be demoted by Instagram. Instagram will not promote watermarked videos of other platforms and the reason behind this is the initiative to place original content prominently on its platform. Actually, Instagram reels have proved beneficial for users who were already on Instagram after the ticket was banned.

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Instagram Reels videos with TikTok watermark 1

Avoid sharing the video reels with the ticktock mark and post original content

Efforts continue to make Reels famous as TicTalk.
Since the reels were launched in July last year, a lot of changes have been made to the reels interface. However, as success was expected, the reels may not have been found. The big reason for this could be that as soon as people open Instagram, they first spend some time on Instagram and watch photo-videos. After this, their attention goes to the reels option, then they also enjoy the reels for a while. Not all users share video on Reels. Instagram seems to be making every effort to make reels popular like TicTalk.

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