NASA will send robots to Mars, research will know the history of the planet


  • Mars Orbiter on Mars to send robot orbiter for mission
  • : A robot for exploring ice, water and depth etc. on Mars
  • Those whose questions the scientist wants to know will get an answer.

NASA Works for space related research and continues to send rocket to other equipment in new technology space. Now NASA has partnered with the Italian Space Agency (ASI), the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). Under this partnership, this space agency is going to send a robot orbiter to search for ice, water and depth etc. on Mars. Right now these institutes are doing research to create a robot orbiter, which Mars Ice Mapper Will be called
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Scientists know that there is a lot of ice on poles and large pits on Mars. Through this research, they want to know where the snow is located. It is estimated that there is a large amount of snow below the surface in many places. This can prove to be very helpful in view of future missions. In this, future Astronauts will not have to find ice everywhere in the poles, they will know in advance where ice can be found when they dig the ground.

Robot missions like this Mars Ice Mapper can open up a lot of paths for future human missions. According to Jim Watzin, senior adviser at NASA’s Architecture and Mission Agreement, Mars The new partnership model for Ice Mapper has been at the global level, bringing everyone’s experience together. For this mission, all the interested institutions together are sharing its cost and at the same time strengthening the technology. Together we are clearing the way for the first human mission on Mars through this research.
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It is important to know about the snow on Mars through this mission, which will be scientifically beneficial and at the same time it will help in the human mission. If the researcher manages to collect snowflakes from Mars, then they will be able to create a new record in Geological History. Apart from this, evidence of old life of that planet can also be found.
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NASA’s Planetiscience division deputy director and director of the Mars Exploration Program, Eric Ianson, said that in addition to being helpful to humans on Mars in the future, the mission will contribute to the scientific discovery of ice beneath the surface of the planet. Water near the surface will show the layering above it. This will show how the environment was and remains on Mars. There are many such questions, whose questions will be answered if the scientists want to know. This will reveal whether microbial life on Mars is possible today.

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