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Valentine’s Day On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, couples celebrate. this Valentine day On the occasion of 2021, if you are planning to mingle with a single, then we are telling you about these dating apps which can help you on this occasion. Last year, due to coronavirus, there has been a lot of change in people’s lifestyle.

There was a time when it was easy to meet any person, but now it seems a bit risky to go out and meet an unknown person. If you have a similar fear in your mind on this Valentine’s Day, then this time is the best time to check dating apps. Here we are telling you about these 5 dating apps, with which you can make new connections and make friendships.
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Tinder: Whenever it comes to dating app, the first name is the world’s most popular dating app. Tinder Comes of It is one of the dating apps that is used the most. This app was launched globally on 12 September 2012 and was launched in 2016 in India and it became the most popular with the boom in a very short time. The tagline of Tinder is Match Chat Date. The interpretation of this app is easily done from this line itself.

Tinder is considered a casual dating and hookups app. It has a swipe and select feature. There are many couples who met Tinder and their relationship went much further. If you are looking for true love for yourself or want a casual relationship then this app can prove to be the best for you. By the way, for more information, you will have to download this app yourself, only then you will know more about it. On the occasion of this Valentine’s Day, the search for love may be completed through Tinder.

By the way, the basic feature is available for free on Tinder, there is no charge for the user. On the other hand, if you want to take the feature of Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold, then the user gets premium features such as unlimited likes, passport feature and rewind to chat with singles from any corner of the world. The app is available on both Android and iOS platforms. For Tinder Plus, it charges $ 9.99 i.e. Rs 726.13 per month and for Tinder Gold $ 14.99 i.e. Rs 1,089.55 per month.

Bumble: Bumble Is the second most popular dating app in the world. Recently its co-founder and CEO became the youngest billionaire woman in the world. Through this app you can be social. Through this app, you can make the best friend, make a business connection and through this option you can also choose the right date for yourself. This app has been made female-dominated, meaning that only female users in this app can contact the first male user.

It remains only for 24 hours after liking and disappears after that. Bumble can be the perfect option to find new connections, to date and to make friends. On this Valentine’s Day, your search can be completed with this app. Bumble is a totally free dating app and all the features can be availed for free.
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At the same time, if you go more in this app, for that you will have to take the Bumble Boost Premium feature, in which users can see who has swiped right, rematch with extended connection and other features get extension after 24 hours etc. . Bumble has a feature called SuperSwipes that shows your confirmed match. There is a charge of Rs 450 per month for Bumble Boost. This app is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Happn: Happn is one of the most popular dating apps in India. This app has a unique match-macing algorithm, which gives real time experience with virtual dating. If you are a Happn user, then you will show the profile of all Happn users who have spent the whole day. If both users like each other’s profile then it is called a match. Happn is the best dating app in the country that shows all the people around.

If you cross the path of someone else someday and you feel that you like him, then you can go ahead and check whether he is on Happn and can go on to dating if liked by both. Huh. It is quite easy to find a connection in it. It is very difficult to have a fake account. Profiles of users passing by are seen in the app. In India, this app is available on all three platforms iOS, Android and Web. Well, Happn is a free app, but if you want more special features, then for more features Happn has to take a premium subscription. There is a charge of £ 22.99 i.e. Rs 2,311.76 per month for Happn Premium.

TrulyMadly: TrulyMadly One of the best dating apps in India. It is in a way an alternative app to Tinder in India, because it has many features similar to Tinder. This online dating app has a very rigorous verification process, which is made a profile only after following it. Due to this, a reliable profile is built in TrulyMadly. This ensures that no one can create a fake profile on this platform and there is no possibility of cheating the users.

TrullyMadley uses a trust based score to verify users, only after which users are allowed to become wingmen or wingwomen. On this Valentine’s Day, you can find a good friend for yourself. Talking about the features, Incognito mode has been given in this app. A robust verification process has been put in place that works on the trust score and protects other users from fraud.

At the same time, referrals help users to increase the trust score. If you are a little afraid about the profile photo, then your profile photo is absolutely safe in it, because neither its screenshot can be taken nor it can be downloaded. This app is available on Android and iOS. This app can be downloaded for free and there is no charge to use it.

Aisle: Aisle is an online dating app based in India. Through this app, users can do romantic dates in India and around the world. That is, this app is made for clean romance. This app clearly provides service for those who do not care about any limits to find their partner. By creating a profile on this app, you can date users from India and beyond.

It is a relationship based dating app designed and built in India that is focused on the Indian people. Many relationships have been successful after dating this app. In India, the app is available on both iOS and Android platforms. To take a VIP subscription of this app, a monthly charge of $ 15.99 i.e. Rs 1,161.12.

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