Now you can watch YouTube videos on Twitter app, this new feature is coming


  • Twitter is currently working to bring new features
  • Will be allowed to watch YouTube videos on the platform
  • Testing will last only 4 weeks

Micro-blogging site Twitter (Twitter) Is currently working to bring a new feature, which will allow users to watch YouTube videos on the platform without going through Twitter. Those social media users who use Twitter regularly, they get to see a lot of text, images, GIFs and videos etc. Much is readily available on this platform, but the situation changes when it comes to tweets with YouTube video links.
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When it comes to YouTube videos, users have to click on a link for that and then watch them on YouTube. Now keeping this in mind, the company is now working to watch YouTube videos without letting its users go through the Twitter app.

According to the information, Twitter has confirmed that the testing is being done through its Twitter support account. Currently testing is for iOS only. It is clear that the tweet which contains YouTube video can now run in the tweet itself. Users who have uploaded the video on Direct Twitter can be seen there.
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Apart from this, it has also been said that the testing will last for only 4 weeks. At the same time, it is limited only to users of Canada, Japan, Saudi Arabia and America. After 4 weeks of testing, Twitter will check what the results have come and the steps will be taken accordingly. There will be a more extensive test on iOS first and then before the rollout. Android But testing will also be done.

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