Oppo is bringing a new phone with removable camera module, learn details

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Oppo Is constantly presenting its smartphones with new designs. Recently the company showcased the world’s first rollable smartphone. Now, the company has patented a smartphone with a removable camera module.

The outline image of this phone was seen on the World Intellectual Property Office website. First 91mobiles made this listing public. In the patent application, along with the pictures, it has been given information about how the smartphone can work. These photos focus on the back panel of the phone, which has a regular camera module. However, the special thing is that it can be removed and placed on the base / top of the phone via USB Type-C port.

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A second photo reveals that the camera module comes with a USB Type-C connector. It can be folded at two angles of 90 degree and 180 degree. With this folded design the camera can take photos with multiple angles.

The special thing is that the patent reveals that a lithium-ion battery can be given in the camera module and it can be charged if needed. Apart from this, wireless connectivity features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC can also be provided in this camera module.

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Please tell that it is not necessary that the patent comes out as a commercial product. As far as removable cameras are concerned, it is definitely a fun concept. But it would be fun to see how this technology applies. There have been reports about modular design for quite some time, but despite many efforts of companies like LG and Motorola, success has not been achieved yet.

Oppo Has recently showcased the X 2021 concept smartphone with rollable screen. This phone comes with a variable rollable OLED display in which the company has used roll motor powertrain to convert 6.7 inch screen to 7.4 inch ie phablet.

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