Opportunity to buy Thomson Smart TV for an affordable price of just Rs 7,999


  • Flipkart TV DAY Sale to begin on Flipkart
  • The sale will start from 6 February and will run till 9 February
  • Thomson 24TM2490 Price Rs 7,999

Online shopping site Flipkart Flipkart TV DAY Sale Is about to begin Well-known brands of TVs in this sale get great offers at very low prices. This sale will start from 6 February and will run till 9 February. In this cell Thomson tv It is offering its own TV, which has reduced prices on the company’s premium models OATH PRO and PATH series. During this sale, the price of TV of companies is starting at just Rs 7,999.

Europe’s well-known consumer brand company Thomson offers a wide range of TVs. Models of 32 inch, 40 inch, 42 inch, 43 inch, 50 inch and 55 inch models are also available for sale from the company’s premium OATH PRO and PATH series during this sale, starting at just Rs 13,999. is.
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Talking about the price, the price of Thomson Tv in Flipkart TV Day Sale is as follows:
Thomson 24TM2490 is priced at Rs 7,999.
Thomson 32TM3290 is priced at Rs 11,999.
Thomson 32PATH0011 is priced at Rs 13,999.
Thomson 2PATH0011BL is priced at Rs 14,499.
Thomson 40PATH7777 is priced at Rs 18,999.
Thomson 42PATH2121 is priced at Rs 19,999.
Thomson 43PATH0009 BL is priced at Rs 22,999.
Thomson 43PATH4545 is priced at Rs 25,999.
Thomson 43 OATHPRO 2000 is priced at Rs 28,999.
Thomson 50PATH1010 is priced at Rs 29,999.
Thomson 50 OATHPRO 1212 is priced at Rs 33,999.
Thomson 55PATH5050 is priced at Rs 35,999.
Thomson 55 OATHPRO 0101 is priced at Rs 38,999.

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Talking about TV specification, here are some: Android 10.0: These TVs have Android 10.0 which makes their operating system as easy as using a smartphone. Along with this, there will be various availability that comes with Android OS.

Super Bright Display: These have a super bright display and 178 degree wide view angle helps the viewers to enjoy crystal clear visuals from any angle.

Fast Processor: These TVs have a quad-core CPU, Mali quad-core graphics processor and 1.4-GHz clock speed. Apart from this, the ARM Cortex-A53 processor coupled with the amalogic chipset provided by it provides fast processors and great visual experience.
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Multiple connectivity options: Bluetooth and HDMI systems are enabled in these TVs and these models support USB connectivity. It also has Chromecast (Android) and Airplay (iOS) to connect multiple devices together. Through this, the smartphone or tablet shows on the TV display.

Power speaker: These TVs have 40Watt capacity speakers. With their help, the viewing experience is enhanced with power and crisp audio. It has several sound modes that make music great.

Smart remote: The ergonomic remote is provided with these TVs. In which such hotkeys have been given, with the help of which different apps like Sony Live, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube can be easily accessed. Apart from this, a button has also been given to use Google Assistant feature. It can be explored through voice commands just by pressing the button.
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Unlimited Content: A lot of apps, games and much more can be used by reaching the Google Play store. With the multiple connectivity options provided in it, smartphones, tablets and laptops can be connected to this TV’s large display and then take advantage of their features.

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