Paytm warns, do this work on getting a debit card, otherwise it could be a huge loss


  • Paytm Payments Bank advised users to be careful
  • After getting a new debit card, first of all pay attention to its safety.
  • How to change settings

In today’s time, online fraud is increasing very much. As technology has made people’s lives easier, it is also causing a lot of fraud. If you also do online transactions, then you need to be careful, because a little mistake can dent your hard-earned money. Now fraud is increasing in the country, due to which the digital payment app Paytm Payments Bank Has advised users to be careful. Company has given users Debit card safety Has issued tips on

Paytm Payments Bank has given information by tweeting from its official Twitter account. Paytm Payments Bank has said in the tweet that after getting a new debit card, users should first pay attention to its safety. If you do not do this, then you can be fraudulent and your hard-earned money may be caught by fraudsters. Whenever customers are withdrawing cash from ATM, they need to be very careful during that time also.
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During this, it should be kept in mind that no one is looking at the PIN of your card. At the same time, when you are transacting at the ATM, no other unknown person should be allowed to come during that time. When the ATM is withdrawn, then take the transaction slip with you. If you have to change the PIN of your debit card, then only change it with Paytm app.

In the tweet, Paytm Payments Bank said that when users get a debit card, first of all go to the management card section. After that the card transaction settings have to be changed. In this, according to your choice, you have to choose which type of payment to be allowed on the card or not.
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How to change the settings:

  • To ensure the safety of the debit card, first of all, the transaction limit of the debit card is to be decided.
  • When you are making a PIN of a debit card, first of all, it should be noted that at that time no one is looking at you, that is, no one is looking at the PIN.
  • When you create a PIN for your card, do not write it anywhere after that, you just have to remember it.
  • If you ever have doubts, you can change the PIN of your debit card with the Paytm app very easily.
  • When you get a new card, then after that, you have to finish the old card as soon as possible, that is to dismantle it.
  • Do not share any information of PIN, OTP or card with anyone.
  • If you come to know about any suspicious activity, then immediately debit card has to be blocked from your Paytm app.

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