Pixel 6 is about to enter the market, read the possible details from the price to features


  • It can be given the latest processor
  • Starting price can be $ 799 i.e. around 58,195
  • Refresh rate can be 90Hz or 120Hz

In 2016, Google entered the mobile market. Since then, the company has launched many smartphones. The Google company partners with smartphone manufacturers to offer phones with their own software. This program was introduced as Nexus. The program mainly focused on tech geeks and developers.

But then Google wanted to change this perception. Pixel and Pixel XL were launched in this change. This series was introduced for the common people. Since then, the sixth series of Pixel will be launched. According to the company, the camera segment has been given the best in the industry in the Pixel lineup.
Company now soon google Pixel 6 Is planning to launch Many features have been given about this phone. Let’s know these possible features.
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Pixel 6 possible features: If seen, Google Pixel devices are not much better in terms of hardware. But in terms of software, these phones are better. Talking about Pixel 5, Snapdragon 765 processor was given in it. At the same time, talking about Pixel 6, the latest processor can be given in it. The roadmap for this phone was released by the Google company. According to the leaks, three codenames were revealed which include raven, oriole and passport. raven and oriole are said to be codenames of Pixel 6 models. At the same time, the passport codename can be of Pixel foldable.

According to other reports, Pixel XE or Pixel Foldable will be the same. Some hardware changes can be seen in these. These phones can be supported with an inside-display camera and dual SIM tray. The design of Google Pixel 6 will be largely the same as before, only some changes can be seen. This time radar technology will not be given in the phone.
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The phone is expected to be given a punch-hole display which used to come with the notch. Where the Pixel 5 was given a hybrid aluminum body that comes with a thin skin. This skin special is made of bioresin plastic. Looking at the old design, some changes can be seen in the upcoming Pixel 6 regarding some designs.

Google Pixel 6 is expected to provide a 6-inch FHD Plus AMOLED display with a refresh rate of 90Hz or 120Hz. It can be given an inside-display camera like the ZTE Axon 20 5G. It is expected to be the company’s USP.

According to another leak, the company’s upcoming smartphone can also be offered as a foldable device. Two patents were published on behalf of the company in January 2021. It looks like a patented Samsung Galaxy fold which when exposed turns into a large tablet-like display. Like Pixel 5, the upcoming Pixel 6 is expected to be given a flagship processor. Also, more RAM and storage is also expected to be provided. Pixel 6 can be given 8 GB RAM and 256 GB of non-expandable storage.

Pixel 6 will be launched in India: Google has consistently remained the same when it comes to the launch of the Pixel lineup. The new Pixel device can be launched in the first week of September or October. However, no official information has been given about it yet.

Pixel 6 Indian Price: There is no information about what will be the price of Pixel 6 but it is expected to be slightly more than Pixel 5. The price of this phone is $ 699 i.e. around Rs 50,912. This phone comes with Snapdragon 765G. In such a situation, if the Pixel 6 comes with the latest processor or better processor, then its initial price can be $ 799 i.e. around 58,195.

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