Plan to buy a smartphone, first know if the phone is real or fake


  • It is very important to check the veracity of old / refurbished phones
  • Any phone without IMEI number is illegal
  • Government brought CEIR to check the veracity of the phone

Many times the tension of the budget prevents us from getting a new smartphone. In such a situation, many people plan to buy refurbished phones or old phones. However, before purchasing such a smartphone it becomes extremely important to keep a few things in mind. Whether it is a new smartphone or an old / refurbished phone, it is very important to check its veracity. The government has made it easy for citizens to find out whether a phone is stolen or whether the device you are planning to buy is an original device or not. Government of Central Equipment Identity Register (Ceir) Has launched a platform that checks the IMEI number of a phone and also gives information about whether they should buy the phone or not. Learn how to find out if the smartphone is real or fake.

Learn about this process:

To use the Central Equipment Identity Register, you need the IMEI number of the phone. All phones have an IMEI number of 15 digits. If a phone is being sold without an IMEI number then it is considered illegal. To see the IMEI of the phone, you have to dial * # 06 # from this phone. Every valid phone will definitely respond to this code. But if a phone is illegal, then its response will not be there.
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The IMEI number of the phone is found on its bill, invoice, packing box or sticker etc. There is a sticker on the back panel of the new phone that also has this number on it. If someone is not giving you IMEI number while buying old or refurbished phone then you should not buy that phone.

When you get the IMEI number of the phone, you will have to go to the website of the Central Equipment Identity Register. You can also visit this link. Over here, visit the Device Verification webpage — After this you have to go to the device verification page to see if the IMEI number is correct or not – jsp–
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Here you have to enter the mobile number and then enter OTP which will be sent to the phone. After this you will be asked to enter IMEI number. Enter the phone number you want to buy here. After this you will be able to check the validity of the phone with the IMEI number. If a phone is without IMEI number or blocked IMEI number then you should not buy that phone. Most of such phones are stolen.

You should not buy this phone if the status of IMEI number is black listed, duplicate or already on use. If the status of the IMEI number is correct, then you will have IMEI is valid written.

Verification of IMEI can also be done through SMS:

For this, you have to send a message from your phone. In this you will have to write “KYM-15 digit IMEI number- (IMEI number of the phone you want to buy) and send it to 14422. Let me tell you that there is also an official Android app named “KYM – Know Your Mobile”. You can also find out about IMEI from here.
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How does CEIR work?

CEIR is designed to detect fake smartphones. This platform is linked to the IMEI database of all mobile operators. According to its official website, CEIR acts as a central system for all network operators to share black-listed mobile devices. With this, blacklisted smartphones in one network will not be able to work with other operators. Whether the device has a Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card changed or not.

Know about KYM ​​- Know Your Mobile App:

The app has been created by the Center for Development of Telematics (C-DOT). It can be used to verify any mobile by its IMEI number. This is an Android app. The KYM app provides status (invalid / blacklisted). Also provides information such as manufacturer, brand name and model name of given IMEI.

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