Plan to buy air cooler in rising heat, do not ignore these 9 things

Air cooler buying guide: The summer season has arrived, with daytime temperatures touching or around 40 degrees in most cities in India. In such a situation, if you are planning to buy a cooler to beat the heat, then let us give you some tips which will help you to make the decision to buy Cooler easier.

Personal Cooler vs Desert Cooler, decide
Choosing the right type of cooler is important for effective cooling. For small and medium-sized rooms, choose a personal cooler. For larger rooms, the Desert Cooler may be a better option. Personal coolers for rooms from 150sqft to 300sqft and Desert Coolers for rooms larger than 300sqft.

Water tank capacity
Air Coolers The capacity of the water tank is an important factor. If the size of the cooler is large, then the tank capacity will also be higher, for effective cooling choose high capacity air cooler. 15 liters for small rooms and 25 liters for mid-size rooms and 40 liters for larger rooms and above.

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Where to keep cooler
If you are going to keep the cooler outside the room, backyard or on the terrace, then Desert Cooler, then personal or tower coolers are more suitable for indoor usage.

Take care of the client as well
Desert coolers are more effective in dry climate conditions, while personal / tower coolers are more effective for humid areas.

Level level check
Some coolers make a lot of noise, so it is important to check the cooler’s noise level before purchasing. Make sure you check the noise level at maximum fan speed.

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Cooling pad quality
The cooling pad is one of the most important parts of the cooler. A variety of cooling pads are available for coolers, including wool wood, aspen pads and honeycomb pads. Honeycomb pads offer longer lasting cooling than the other two and are also less on maintenance.

Ice chamber
Some cooler manufacturers have also placed separate ice chambers in the coolers for fast cooling, you can put the ice cube in the tank to cool the water.

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power consumption
When taking a cooler, keep in mind that the coolers reduce power consumption, typically, modern coolers come with inverter technology that can run on the inverters even when power is cut off.

See also additional features
Nowadays some coolers provide additional features like remote control, anti mosquito, dust filters, etc. If there is no problem of budget then you can see these also.

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