PUBG Mobile 1.3 beta update will get many great features, download this way


  • PUBG 1.3 Beta Link made available for testing
  • Can only be installed by Android users.
  • The possibility of rollout for all users only after the stable update season 17 is over

The Tencent company has officially made its new PUBG 1.3 beta link available for testing. It has been made available globally. PUBG Mobile Several new features have been given in version 1.3 global update. It includes many other features including the Karakin Map, the new rocket launch also known as the Panzerfaust, the Steaky Bomb. Its new global test application can be downloaded by players.
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Let us know that the PUBG Mobile 1.3 Beta update can be installed by Android users only at the moment. Its stable update is likely to rollout to all users only after the end of Season 17. So let’s know how the PUBG Mobile Beta 1.3 update can be downloaded and installed.

Here’s how to download PUBG Mobile Beta 1.3 update: Android users have to download the APK file to download and install it. For this youPubgDownload This link has to be opened. Keep in mind that this is a beta version of the game, so it can be downloaded along with the global version. After installing the beta version of the game, players will be able to play PUBG Mobile Beta 1.3. Let’s know its features:
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Features of PUBG Mobile Beta 1.3: In this new update, the Karakin map will be given in the draw and open area of ‚Äč‚ÄčNorth Africa. This map is already available in PC. This map is well liked in PCs. It is very much like the Sanhawk and Wikipedia map. Bombs will be dropped from the sky from time to time in this small map. This map is 2×2 km long. It is similar to the game’s smallest map Livik. It will have 64 players jumping simultaneously.

Panzerfaust is another great feature. It has a new rocket launcher which explodes once it hits the surface. Then it is discarded on its own. This means that it can only be used once in gameplay. A sticky bomb has been given in the new update. As soon as it is thrown, it clings to the wall and bursts.
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The new motora glider has been given in the new Karakin map. It was also seen in the Erangel and Miramar maps. Also, players can get many other features including Smug Tunnels, New Dark Zone. It is reportedly said that its fuel consumption is very high. The faster the player blows, the more oil will be spent.

Once again, let us know that the PUBG Mobile Beta 1.3 update is available only for testers. Its stable version can be introduced soon. But if you want to play it now, you can download its APK file.

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