Respond to WhatsApp on updated privacy policy, secure messages and calls from users

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WhatsApp There has been a lot of ruckus about the new privacy policy and instant messaging app is in the headlines. From 8 February Whatsapp A new privacy policy is being implemented. In the new terms of WhatsApp, it has been clarified how users’ data will be shared with Facebook. Due to this, users are leaving WhatsApp and now switching to new messaging apps. Now WhatsApp has assured its users by tweeting that their messages and calls are safe.

WhatsApp in its tweet emphasized personal messages, group chat, contacts, calls and data such as points. It was told in the tweet that neither WhatsApp nor Facebook can access your private messages nor listen to calls. WhatsApp also said that the company neither keeps track of users’ calls nor shares contacts with Facebook. In the tweet, WhatsApp also said that the location shared by the user also remains hidden. It is the same with group chat.

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WhatsApp also stated in the tweet that users can set the message dispensing feature. You can also download data with this. WhatsApp released this feature last year, which automatically gets the message deleted after 7 days. WhatsApp has also given users the option to download their data.

In response to the tweet, WhatsApp said that the company’s privacy policy update ‘does not affect the privacy of your messages with friends and family’. WhatsApp, while giving clarity on its new privacy policy last week, gave a statement that the company’s new privacy policy is so that it can be found out how users communicate with business accounts. And it has no effect on personal interaction.

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In response to the latest tweet from WhatsApp, the response of the users shows that people are not happy with the repeated explanation given by WhatsApp. WhatsApp users are also switching to other privacy focus apps like Signal and Telegram.

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