Revealed! Apple Watch Series 7 can be launched on this day, know every little thing related to it

New Delhi. Apple’s upcoming smartwatch has just a few months left to launch. But many leaks are continuously coming out about it, due to which many important information about this smartwatch has been received. Apple Watch Series 7 Is said to be an upgraded variant of the Watch Series 6, in the month of September last year Apple Watch Was launched with SE.

Several reports have stated that the upcoming Apple Watch will be equipped with advanced features such as glucometer, updated swimming-tracking, alcohol monitoring. However, this time the company can offer Apple Watch with different design, better display and longer battery life.

In the previous event, Apple did not provide any information about the new watch.
A number of products were offered at Apple’s Spring Loaded event, but no information of Apple Watch Series 7 was given in it. Now according to the news, an announcement can be made about this during WWDC 2021 starting from June 7. This event will start from June 7 to June 11.

In such a situation, when the discussion about the launch of Apple Watch Series 7 is going on, then we are giving you information related to it.

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Possible details of Apple Watch Series 7

  • Apple’s main focus is on fitness and health facilities. In a recent leak, it has been told that a product is being made on the basis of this. Even Tim Cook indicated during an interview the use of more health-focused sensors on upcoming Apple products.
  • A reliable tipsster Ming Chi Kuo has said that the company’s upcoming smartwatches will focus on health and its design will also be improved. It is also expected that Apple is working on a more rugged version of its upcoming smartwatch.
  • A report by Bloomberg has indicated that more advanced swim tracking can be provided in the Apple Watch Series 7. At the same time, the glucometer is also a feature that should be added to the smartwatch. An SEC filing for startup Rockley Photonics indicates a possible inclusion of the facility. However, it is also being said that this service can be introduced in Apple Watch at the beginning of the year 2022.
  • Explain that Rockley Photonics is a UK company that designs sensors to monitor a person’s blood using infrared light. These sensors are capable of measuring blood sugar and alcohol level levels.
  • According to a patent, a battery upgrade can be given to the upcoming Apple Watch. According to this patent, the battery can be kept in a strap which will be able to double the battery life of the smartwatch.
  • Measuring blood pressure can be another important feature of this upscale smartwatch. Apple has also filed a patent for this and its approval has also been received.
  • Built-in blood pressure monitoring feature will be provided in this watch. Samsung’s Galaxy Watch already has a blood pressure monitoring system. However, it is believed to be more accurate in the upcoming Apple Watch smartwatch.
  • In addition, Apple plans to feature a Touch ID-based fingerprint scanner feature on its upcoming smartwatch. This scanner can be made in the home button. This information was obtained through another patent.
  • According to another report, an under-display fingerprint scanner can also be given in it. It can be hidden when it is not being used.
  • Micro-LED screen can be given in the display of Apple Watch Series. Also some improvements can be made. Apple was using OLED display till now. This change of company can help improve brightness and contrast levels.
  • Another patent details how the upcoming Apple Watch series uses the smartwatch battery to function as a haptic feedback engine.
  • According to another patent, Digital Crown will have a sensor attached to it to provide accurate heart rhythm readings. However, none of the above information has been shared by the company. It is based on tipster, reports and patents only.

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Apple Watch Series 7 Launch

  • A well-known Apple analyst suggested that the upcoming Apple Smartwatch could be launched in the second half of 2021. This is how Apple smartwatches are launched.
  • The Apple Watch Series 6 was launched in September last year with the Apple Watch SE. The new smartwatch series can be launched in September 2021.

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Apple Watch Series 7 Expected Indian Price
So far, no update has been received regarding the price of the upcoming Apple Smartwatch Series 7. However, it is expected that the GPS model of the smartwatch will be priced around Rs 42,000. At the same time, the price of GPS and cellular models will be around Rs 50,000.

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