Samsung AirDresser will sanitize clothes as well as wash, the technology is awesome

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Legendary tech company Samsung has launched AirDresser, expanding its range of products in India. This latest product of the company is used to keep clothes clean. Its specialty is that it removes dust and dirt from clothes as well as sanitizes them. The company claims that this air dresser kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. This Samsung airdresser can also be used for bedding, leather accessories and soft toys.

10 thousand discount in the launch offer
This Samsung air dresser costs Rs 1,10,000. It will be available for sale on Amazon and Flipkart from December 24. The company is also going to offer many special offers to users in its first sale. Under the launch offer, you can buy it with a discount of 10 thousand rupees. Apart from this, it can also be purchased at an 18-month no-cost EMI (Rs 5,555). This offer on air dresser is valid for 15 days.

This is how to clean clothes
In this air dresser, clothes can be sanitized in four easy steps. First of all, the user has to use the jet steam given in the air dresser. It transmits heat to the inside of clothing which kills up to 99 percent of bacteria and viruses. Not only this, it also cleanses the odor-producing gas.

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Samsung air dresser

After this, users also get the option of Jet Air. In this, jet air and air hangers easily clean the dirt present in the clothes. The specialty of the air dresser is that it comes with very low voice and vibration. Due to this feature, the air dresser can be placed anywhere in the house along with the bedroom.

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The company is also offering heat pump drawing and deodorizing filters. Clothes can be dried at low temperatures with the help of heat pump drawing. It preserves the life of clothing. If you talk about deodorizing filters, it filters out small particles of sweat, tobacco or food in the clothes so that the clothes do not stink.

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