Sandes brought to government to defeat WhatsApp, know how to work


  • In the pilot phase, it is being used by government officials only.
  • Currently in testing phase
  • Sandes being built by government officials

Instant messaging website WhatsApp Many users are looking for an alternative to. As an alternative, users must have also tried many apps. In this sequence, another app has been launched called Sandes is. It is ready and ready. According to a report, this app is being made by government officials. The Government of India had said last year to make this app. In the initial phase i.e. pilot phase, it is being used by government officials only. It is currently in testing phase. Let’s know about this app.

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Learn how Sandes logo:
The Sandes App logo is present on the government’s website. Ashoka Chakra is present in its logo. It has three layers. They make tricolor. At its center is the Ashoka Chakra. At the same time, the second layer has WhatsApp which is dark green.

Sandes features:
The report states that this app will be made available on both Android and iOS platforms. Like other chatting apps, this app also supports voice calling. In this, users will also be able to message. The National Informatics Center will control the Sandes app.

According to a report, some officials of the ministry have started using the Government Instant Messaging System (GIMS). Many information about this app has been given on the website of, including sign-in LDAP, sign-in message OTP and message web.
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If you click on any of these options, you get a message. The authentication method will be applicable only to those who are authorized government officials. Users cannot create their own account through the website. Also, you cannot login. It is limited to government officials only. The information about how long it will be offered for common users is not available at the moment.
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According to a report, the Sandes app will be made available on Android and iPhone. It comes with voice and data support. The app will be managed by the National Informatics Center. It comes under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. In such a situation, it will now be very interesting to see if the Sandes app will be able to make its place among users like WhatsApp.

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