Signal app worldwide down, users complain on Twitter

WhatsApp People were searching for options since the introduction of new privacy policy. Looking for many people Signal Finished coming to the app. Signals were joined by millions of users. Signal gained popularity in a very short time. It can be estimated from this that she was at the top leaving WhatsApp behind in the top charts of Google Play Store. But now Signal has to face problems. The downfall of the Signal app across the world caused problems for people. Information about this was tweeted by the users. Signal confirmed this.

Signal tweeted from his official Twitter account that people are facing technical problems. The company is working to fix it. At the same time, in another tweet, the company wrote that the Signal app is facing technical problems. It will be fixed soon.

Let us tell you that Facebook-owned company WhatsApp announced a new privacy policy shortly. It said that users’ data will be shared with Facebook. To agree on this, the company also sent in-app notifications to users. But this policy was not liked by the users and many users decided to leave the platform. When WhatsApp issued this policy, within 7 days of that, the company’s app downloads decreased by up to 35 percent.

Users switched to Signal and Telegram app, except WhatsApp. Where 24 million downloads of Signal have been downloaded 16 lakh times of Telegram. Not only this, Tesla CEO Elon Musk also appealed to people to join Signal. Signal launched the latest version of its app in December 2020. It also included a group call feature. The company had said that their app only stores the user’s phone number. The company does not store any personal information of the user.

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