Signal brings new feature, will be able to make payments without bank account and debit card


  • Signal is testing new payment feature keeping in mind the benefits of the users.
  • This feature is currently on the beta build version in the UK
  • You do not have to link a bank account or debit card to use the payment feature.

Instant messaging app Signal Keeping in mind its users, it keeps on adding new features. Now this company is testing the new payment feature keeping in mind the benefits of the users. Now through the new payment feature of the app, users will be able to make privacy focused payments. The most important thing is that in order to use the payment feature of Signal, you do not have to link a bank account or debit card. Rather the company is going to do this through crypto currency.
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This feature of Signal is currently available on the beta build version in the UK. It is expected that soon Signal can also offer it to the users of all countries. Currently in the uk Signal This payment option appears on the beta version of. In this way, users will be able to easily make privacy forked payments, which will be as easy as sending and receiving messages. Let us know that the payment feature in Signal Mobilecoin This is being done through the wallet feature. Mobilecoin is the wallet’s own currency, called MOB. According to the information, when a user connects Mobilecoin Wallet to Signal, then money can be sent and received.
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The design of Mobilecoin is such that Signal will not have any authority over these transactions. Only the sender and receiver will have the information about the transaction. That is, the information about how much money the users have or how many were found will not be with the signal. In MobileCoin, no one can get a transaction right. Signal app will not get information about the free transaction that users do. Nothing can be said about when this feature will arrive in India.

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